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In the room, silence appeared again. After a long time, Xiao Yan, who had communicated some causes and effects, breathed out a breath slowly and asked in a low voice: "How's Big Brother?"

"Is there anything more rare?"Xiao Yan stunned, but his face was blank.

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Who is Yan?I only heard newborn Yan Cheng boss, do not know Xiao Yan."That freshman is also a thorn in the head, and now it's a gray-colored counterattack.

"There is really a big gap between the fighting master and the fighting spirit. It seems impossible to break through to the fighting spirit at one stroke."The mind turned away from this thought.Xiao Yan lamented a sigh, just want to get back, but suddenly a suction automatically surge out from the crystal, and with the explosion of suction, time, a very strong energy, once again from the outside into the body.

"Let's talk about your father's orders first," he said.

He drank several mouthfuls of amethyst and swallowed the snake letter with satisfaction.Swimmer long body on the anti-inflammatory shoulders, colorful snake scale in the moonlight shining.reflected a brilliant sheen.extremely beautiful

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Body shape falls on the small mountain peak, the body shape of old medicine immediately is floating out, looked around the environment, a little satisfied nod.

Ling Ying hesitated for a moment and stared at Kanye's face. A moment later, she whispered, "Miss, there's an order from the patriarch."

Compared with the miserable appearance of the snow demon ape, the point of the snake's injury seems insignificant.

To the grandstand, Xiao lost into the world, can not help but sound a sound of sobs, Shao "Bai Gang" members, but also take the opportunity to ridicule and scolding senior.

Xiang Er sighed softly. In the Kama Empire, there would be such a cruel hand against the Xiao Family. I am afraid that it would be difficult to have any other influence except Yun Lanzong.

Xiao Yan's eyes stared closely at the blue crystal on the table, the slightly blooming light, soft but not dazzling, faintly, even can hear the sound of some waves in the crystal.His heart was filled with dismay. Xiao Yan stepped forward without changing his complexion, and was in Elder Liu's extremely painful eyes.Holding it in his hand, I felt the powerful water system energy like a torrential river.With such a heavy sigh of relief, the last thing of refining the earthly elixir was finally in hand.

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