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Feel those chaos in the body of the powerful fighting gas, Xiao Yan also had to try to disperse the mind spirit out, block control everywhere, and then control them along the specific channel running up, rain so, the consumption of mind is naturally very huge, but the knot of the external hand print, but must be maintained in the same rhythm with the fight of qi operation, so precise operation, even now Xiao Yan, also made some hand and foot chaos up, if not the soul force dissent ordinary words, now he has long since because of insufficient control strength, and declared failure.

The iron dharma's face became very ugly when he looked at the seven-colored python, which almost turned into a multicolored streamer. How could he receive the almost undamaged Medusa's all-out strike?

The heart set such attention, Xiao Yan heart is also a lot relaxed, carefully the map on the table into the ring, a wave of sleeves, the house lights are annihilated and gone, silent darkness, covered the room.

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"The Heart of Heaven Empire.&&&& Sky Burial Ravine?"There was a low whisper in his mouth. Xiao Yan's eyes swept at the little medical immortals and Medusa, which was a big √." There were so many small empires that he had never heard of.

Behind the gray-robed men stood a dozen or so men in black. They looked at the people in the valley.

"This guy,. The strength is more overbearing than two years ago..." Watching such a confrontation, Wu Hao also can not help laughing, sigh.

"Jie Jie, crazy tone, in this black corner region can talk with me so people, but there are no you this little boy!" Not far away, Xie Zhen is the eyes of ten cold eyes, murmur cold smile.

Xiao Yan nodded with a smile when he saw the iron dharma that was burned up and down by a group of falling heart inflammation. It seems that the falling heart inflammation can cause direct damage to the soul indeed. Although as long as the energy or fighting qi reaches a certain level, it can cause damage to the soul. But undoubtedly, falling heart inflammation is just something that can be counted as something that the soul is rather afraid or even afraid of.

Within the stone mountain, strange rocks stand, which are planted with all kinds of poisonous grass, faint fishy smell out, finally wrapped around the stone mountain, forming a layer of faint miasma, this kind of extremely toxic malaria, even the strong dipper, but also dare not randomly inhaled.

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In the lush green forest, there will be occasional sounds of thunder-like animal roar, startled countless resting in the forest birds, that wings when the vibration of the noise brought by the noise, so that the air has become a lot of tight.


Looking at Wu Hao's momentum, the faces of the two powerful fighters are slightly changed, this guy really difficult ah in Wuhao ready to fight for desperate, a faint old laugh, but suddenly reverberating across the sky, and finally boundless in the valley reverberate.

"It's just each other."Xiao Yi Xian smiled faintly, and his gray and purple eyes swept through the bottom." It seems that today your desire to annex Poison Sect will come to naught.

And in this rush, at the end of the tree-shaded road near dusk, a huge outline of the city appeared vaguely at the end of Xiao Yan's vision... "

"Hey, you're too early to be happy. I've practiced for so many years, but I don't believe that even a young man like you won't get ten."Scorpio Bi Yan laughed angrily, then his crutch stamped hard into the void and tore his robe open.

The strong fighting qi with a slight fishy smell came out of the body of the centigrade cliff. At last, under the dancing of its dry palm, it became a giant centipede with seven or eight feet of energy. Seeing the formation of centipede, the centipede also breathed a sigh of relief, biting the tip of the tongue, spurting out blood and finally pouring into the energy centipede.

Ignoring the surrounding road or surprise, or appalling eyes, Xiao Yan's gaze slowly turned to Centice Cliff, smiling at him.

Black Corner is very vast, even the scope of the Kama Empire and the cloud empire combined is not superior, and in this vast area filled by chaos, naturally there are many strong people, here, even with Xiao Yan's strength, but also a little more cautious, although he had made many Black Corner again to eat shrivelled, but it is only a small part of the strength of today's strength, Xiao Yan's vision is also a lot higher, therefore, he is naturally also clear, with the black corner region such a place, with gold and silver alone strength, naturally cannot be the strongest, really terrible, are those who hide low-key people...

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