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This way has just appeared, a remarkably dense violent is spread out, but the cave of both unusual character, this kind of negative emotions, did not succeed, the erosion of their evil soul emerged is one eye and look ZSZSZSZ skyfire honour person, perhaps is because last time was arrested, this time, it actually never fell on the first two, but is a turn shape, It turned into a shadow of blood and shot out of the cave.

Please help me again!"

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update time:2022-06-26

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Under the tense gaze of Xiao Yan, the map light transparent light recognition is finally thoroughly highlighted from the magma, and Xiao Yan's vision, is also in the first time "swept the past 1111 1111

Fighting burst out, Xiao Yan clenched his fist, made a little stagnation, immediately burst out... , a!"

Thoughts slowly calm, xiao Li looked up at the sky on that thin back -, murmured.

Today's magic valley, should be so many years in the most lively time, in the mouth of the black Horn domain valley, dense magic valley guards holding bright huang JI weapons, if not hold invitations, miscellaneous people, etc., are not allowed to enter, so also lead to the mouth of the valley, lined up a long queue.

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"It seems that today you are really holding the idea of destroying the valley of magic inflammation, but, I'm afraid you this idea, to hit wrong, there is mo Zong and eagle mountain old man here, can not allow you a small generation wanton! If the words of sense, will bodhi body saliva darling Lou come out!" "Asked Han Feng darkly.

"Jie, what's the use of being careful? Once the evil spirit has gathered, you will surely die today!"

"Xiao. Xiao Pole Ren, also. "And show mercy."

"Han Lin, show some respect to my guest, he is not a guard, but I for han invited to worship, next time if you talk at random, don't blame me turn against!" Han Xue suddenly turned around, qiao face as the face of general, into indifference, cold voice rebuke.

Latosolic red lava sharp fluctuations, a moment later, eye pupil suddenly and fiercely ZSZSZSZ a shrink, only after the magma, large groups of red, like fish, roll in, that the look of a road with a fierce crime and his sharp teeth, to make ZSZSZSZ scalp slightly hemp, and sure enough, the bloody flame lizard man more than a...

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