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"It's the wind-attribute fighting qi of cultivation. Countless people can't help but wipe a cold sweat and elegant and flexible wind-attribute fighting qi. When this guy uses it like this, he has a totally different feeling."

"Teacher?"Han Feng slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at Xiao Yan and did not blink. His face was strong, but the beginning of the white is slightly reduced a lot. His eyes twinkled for ten days. The more intense sense of murder appeared on his face. The news that the drug was not dead was almost like thunder for him. As a disciple of the drug elder once, he was very aware of how powerful the drug had on the Big Six in those days. Even now, those really strong peaks on the sixth year are also for that year's six-famous" medicine honourable man, memory is especially deep, Han Feng does not doubt, if the wind says medicine is still alive, there will be many strong peak people.

It is not rude to say that after having this neither direct touch, but also terrible defense, Xiao Yan's battle force immediately soared a lot, because, in the face of this kind of solid defense, even Liu Qing and other people, but also a short time Division can not think of a way to cope.

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"Chop the claws of the coffin with a big crack!"

It's clear, just, it seems, at some distant moment, that a little light blue has suddenly appeared in the dark world

Today, away from the competition has been nearly five days, but Xiao Yan still does not wake up from cultivation signs, this makes Wu Hao and other people very worried, several times proposed to force the former from the cultivation state to wake up, but later are blocked by Xun Er, with her eyesight, nature is able to faint sense, Xiaoyan internal fighting, is increasingly surging, until really awake, the strength will certainly in this serious injury after a great progress, at this time will wake up, no doubt will lose this excellent promotion opportunity.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, the slightly anxious mind slowly calm down, cross-legged sitting on the lion's spacious back, closed eyes.

With care to deflect his head away, Lin Xiu Cliff smiled bitterly. Although the green flame did not touch his skin, he could feel it. If Xiao Yan's palm moved a little further forward, he was afraid that he would be burned into ashes by the terrible flame in an instant.

Xiao Yan when a large group of people came here, looking at the extremely tight man wall, are some dismay, but the contestants have a special channel, but with the help of Xiao Yan's light.Xuner and others also saved the trouble of the crowded, directly through the special passage guarded by the instructor, into the scene of a rather good view of a high-rise platform.

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With the outpouring of the gas, Xiao Yan's face is also emerging a layer of light luster, feeling that the body than before several times more powerful fighting gas, surprise color, but also difficult to conceal appeared on his face.

Perhaps, when that innocent color, completely transformed into emerald-like green, is the moment when the "Incineration" skill enters the mature period, and then, Xiao Yan's combat effectiveness, will also be another big leap-like surge!

"It's not quite certain, but I think it's not a problem for a year or two as long as you leave enough flame to keep us alive."Su Qian thought for a moment," said Su Qian.

"This is this little boy's strange fire?" On the judge's bench, Su Qian's old eyes twinkle, after a while, just surprised muttered: "But I didn't expect that at his age, he was able to control the strange fire to such a sophisticated degree, it really is a little strange ah."

When all of them disappeared, the light on her face slowly relaxed, slightly tilted his head, looking at the far north, where the Canaan Institute was in, and Xiao Yan, was there, turned into soot.

"How come there is no movement?"Magmatic world, as always calm, there is no sign of movement, but in the past, Su Qian clearly felt an extremely huge flow of energy, in this no other life in the bottom of the earth, in addition to the falling heart inflammation, who can have such even he felt shocked by the huge energy?

"You little boy, you're good now. You've been targeted by a strong fighter. I'm afraid you'll have to eat hard in the future. It's really troublesome."Su Qian sighed. It wasn't funny to be caught by the powerful fighting clan.

"The following are competitors who need to compete with Yan Hao for the top ten places."Su Qian pulled out a piece of paper again, said a faint voice, then spread it out, glanced at it, and said," Qian Mo."

With the sound of Su Qian falling, the full field of vision time becomes hot, a line of eyes, full of expectations.

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