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"That guy blew up the soul of Yunshan. The soul of that explosion fluctuated under his control. The main targets were Medusa and Xiao Yan, so we didn't feel much."The mammoth frowned. As a herbalist, he was naturally very sensitive to the invisible fluctuations of the soul, which others might not perceive, but he could appear faintly. Somewhere in the dark sky, an extraordinary wave of terrible energy was brewing.

In an instant, both sides are contained in the terrible attack, is in the sky met, then, the sound of thunder-like explosion in vain, even if prepared, can still be a lot of people both ears buzzing, together with the line of sight, are slightly blurred up.

"Yan Meng!"

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Is located in the center of the imperial city, a view can see the whole city of high tower, a few shadows stand silently, eyes, at the distant place of the explosion of the war.

"Xiao Yan, don't do anything. There's us here.'said Haibodong, looking at Xiao Yan's action, and hastily, knowing that this fellow was not quite sensible under so many turns of blows.

Heard dead night in the words of the dignified, Xiao Yan eyes empty, since the other party has put the words clearly, that he also need no longer dodge, when sinking the sound: "this death princess can rest assured, Xiao Yan is not cloud mountain, as long as the royal family do not secretly to my Xiao tampering, Xiao Yan will remember the royal family help feelings.

In the hall, the black-robed youth sat smiling and chatting with Haibodong beside him from time to time. On the left side of the hall, there were Medusa and Ziyan, whose faces were cool and indifferent, and Ziyan, who were constantly looking around. Some of the rich eyes in the hall would occasionally sweep over the large and small two, filled with taboo "dread".

"It's really Master Xiao Yan. He's really back!"

Xiao Yan is no longer a bit of procrastination after accounting for some Yan League affairs, in the capital of the emperor will find Ziyan, then is to take her directly to the sky, against the Warcraft Mountain is located in the direction quickly swept away, for the soul of the people, Xiao Yan is always the biggest fear, so this time to the Gama Empire, naturally needs help to find together, and Medusa, obviously is the choice.

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Outside the chaos of the battle, Xiao Yan stood alone. There was not a Yunlanzong Elder who came to sniper him, because they all knew that he would leave it to Yunshan himself!

With the support of the crowd, the gold and silver old man smiled gloomily. The momentum gushing out of his body became stronger gradually...

Suddenly came the army, also make the square of Yunlan elder brother, who feel the murderous air, the complexion is a little white, these people, really intend to kill Yunlanzong not to leave?

"That thing."It's no small effect on you, right?"Holding this scroll, Xiao Yan looked at Medusa's cheek and suddenly said," Since even the wild goose falling sky and other strong people of the fighting sect are cultivating, then it must be a day when the wild goose nine wings, also has a great effect on the strong Douzong. "

"Third Brother, don't refuse. This is the last words of the Second Elder. You can't change it. And only you have the ability to lead Xiao Family to rejuvenate." Xiao Ding shook his head and smiled.

Xiao Yan casually exposed this hand, many people in the square are exclamation, can be separated so far distance control weapons, that but need to achieve a quite rigorous accuracy of fighting Qi, did not expect Xiao Yan so old, is able to have such fighting control.

At this point, the Elder looked at Xiao Yan and said slowly: "I don't know Xiao Yan's leader, what do you think?"

And under this extremely arrogant behavior of Medusa, those Mulan Valley strong people, unexpectedly is no one dare to stop, because they also know, in the hands of a strong fighting sect, they, simply do not have the slightest force and tonight, Mulan Valley is undoubtedly heavy losses, in the entire camp, Xiao Yan and Medusa under the hands of blood... All the way unimpeded out of the camp, Medusa saw Xiaoyan in the middle of the air, and the latter see her, obviously also a sigh of relief, quickly turn: "Go away, Golden Wild Goose Sect strong man is coming quickly."

Mittel.Tengshan also because Xiao Ding said his eyes jumped, deeply looked at the smile of the latter, heart secretly said: "Not old, but there is an absolute reason, Xiao family has this talent, do not worry about prosperity, but, unfortunately..."

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