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In addition, seeing that sometimes half an hour does not rise a monthly ticket, is indeed a little sad ah, brothers, if you can, to give potatoes a little comfort." (To be continued, to be continued

See Xiao Yan so about -, the shy in the heart of the village fairy and nervous imperceptibly become light some, according to the words slowly lie down, then the United States eyes gently closed.

Smell speech, the side of Han Xue is hurriedly took over the conversation, will be in the desert and all the way born things, roughly said again.

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Xiao Yan nodded with a smile and said: "rest assured -, although I need different fire, but not to that dizzy point."

Put down in the heart of thought, suddenly ZSZSZSZ finger touches the gold ring, white eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, since skyfire honour person after absorbing the soul of the evil spirit force of, has been a sleep until now, if the former awakening bucket and the strong, for ZSZSZSZ has a lot of help, but unfortunately, the recovery of the deep sleep state, Xiao Yan dare not use external forces to wake it up."

Alchemy is about the perfect fusion of various medicinal forces of many herbs. This fusion needs to be maintained at a very sophisticated level, and just because of this, the soul power can become the most critical thing that determines the achievement of a chemist.

When the vehicle stopped, Xiao Yan's soul perception, suddenly keenly aware of the people's heart beat faster, it seems that this should be the so-called "ten thousand snake gorge"...

Fire lotus fusion success, Xiao Yan just want to throw out, heavenly fire the voice of the respected, but suddenly sounded in its heart: "and so on, don't destroy the fierce soul."

Fire a sell, ZSZSZSZ face only blood, also dissipates, severe coughed, a trace of blood from her lips overflow, with his strength, fusion of the so-called "destroy the fire lotus" is restrictive, although forced fusion is successful, but also has caused considerable itself to him, if not for several kinds of flame is very ripe, Lest the first life taken by the destruction of the lotus of fire be his.

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Slightly head, staring at the Yun some thin figure, han was self-deprecating smile, oneself should have that kind of unrealistic ideas, light from the outside, I'm afraid this ZSZSZSZ age is similar with her, so age, even what the science of uniting the genius, fear is also hard to do that kind of two shocked back bucket emperor the degree of the strong? "It really seems to be a stroke of luck. ""

"The fire lizard man seems to be the primitive creatures, number, and some of them enough to fight the strong level of the match, that time, I met a bucket is a statue of order other lizards of the strong, the original if peak, shall never fear it, but unfortunately, two different fire, is I seriously injured, and then the end, you can guess, After the battle, I was morally wounded, but fortunately, these strong lizards did not understand the power of space, so it was difficult to find my hiding place. Hide." There was something surprising in the venerable Fire's eyes, as if he remembered the great war that year.

Of course, this is a very slow process. According to Xiao Yan's expectation, this period of fusion will take at least five days.

"How? Strange?" Seems to know xiao Yan's doubts in the heart, the old man glanced at him, the mouth of a inexplicable smile, light way: "because I am the last master of this falling heart, although you have modified it, but it still does not have too much resistance to me, and the art of fire control, can you also than I this old man is not?"

"Can pick up old husband one yu, you also calculate some ability, no wonder can let young master like." Hong Lie body motionless, saw the han Xue that draw back one eye, light said 1, immediately namely footstep again tread, walked out again now before the latter, palm wind whistles, continue to hit.

Xiao Yan smiled and hesitated a little. He took out a jade bottle from the ring. Inside the jade bottle, there was a purple red red medicine.

Seeing the embarrassment on their faces, Luo Cheng also secretly laughed at them in his heart

As the wolf-like spirit of fire did so, the dark clouds, tinged with dark red, writhed violently, and a roar of rage, mixed with startled sounds, came forth.

Just as space took up speed, the suction from the storm also took up a lot. For a while, the two actually came to a direct stalemate. And in the stalemate, the huge space storm is also slowly moving towards the direction of Xiao Yan and others. "The degree is already the limit, if it goes on like this, sooner or later it will be dragged back!"

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