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His eyes first swept over the extremely hot battlefield, then Yunshan's cold eyes turned to the black-robed youth with his hands clasped in the sky. "With a cold smile, he strode forward. When he reached the edge of the wedding platform, he suddenly glanced at the cloud below and shouted at the next YunLanzong disciple coolly:" Watch her! "

Chapter 687 Fire Lotus Outbreak

New article:Ascend the sky

update time:2022-06-26

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Between the lush mountains and forests, on the top of a quiet mountain peak, a young man in black robes sat on it, his body like a rock, and let the wind roar his robe, but also motionless.

This thank-you, of course, was the reason why she was willing to come to the battle. Medusa was the best candidate to frighten these old men, but she was too cold-tempered to ask her for help, but she had already been prepared to be refused, and then he did not expect the other party to agree so crisply.

"Boy, come out to suffer death and feel the sudden surge of power in the body. The tiger-head elder's face is filled with ferocious ferocity. There is a roar of rage from his throat. The blood on his fist is gathering quickly. In the blink of an eye, it directly condenses into a huge energy tiger's head. The tiger's mouth is wide open and smelly. The sharp tusks are as if they have endless power. Anything bitten by it will be turned into powder in an instant. Everything is bitten by it. Countless eyes are staring at the battle. But when they see the tiger-headed elder's momentum, they understand that he has taken that force. So, a single glance is on the silver shadow in front of him. At least if it's his fists, he can be seriously injured.

Struggle continued for a moment, Medusa's eyes finally condensed again, bite silver teeth and said:

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The laughter sounded soon, a burst of wind is followed by a few figures floating from the edge of the sky, a few blink of an eye, is a flash of view on the peak.

Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly. "That's the case," Xiao Yan said, "I'd like to ask you to lead the way."Though Xiao Yan is not afraid of him, Xiao Yan will not be afraid of him. If the other party really doesn't know the times, he doesn't mind doing anything. Anyway, the serpents advocate the strong, so long as you defeat it, you can save a lot of trouble in the future.

When a few people looked around, the hut door was slowly opened, then a shadow slowly walked out, looked at Xiao Yan and other people, said: "You unexpectedly can find this money, it seems now Yan League forces really are all over the Kama Empire ah, just don't know today is to look for trouble, or something else?"


"Elder Brother, I've had trouble with you all these years.SCCM-AdminUI.exe

"Well."Xiao Yan nodded with a smile and turned his eyes to the direction of the fortress." Come on, "he said." The battle is over, and the Kama Empire is finally ready to breathe."With this, with her figure he was the first to fly over the fortress, and later Medusa followed him up.

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