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"Brother Xiao, you can refine it. I'll go out first. I'll come back to you when I finish eating."With this in his mouth, Ziyan hurriedly slipped out of the door.

Chapter 533 Mysterious Little Girl in White

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Gradually into the sixth floor of the center, here is a not small rest square, there are dozens of people in the wrong fall, these figures, temperament is extraordinary, strong breath spread out from the body, cover this rest place, these strong air, any place in the inner courtyard, will make people cast awe of the eyes, obviously these people's strength, at least also can be ranked in the top 30.

The old drug nodded with a smile. The old face seemed to be a little tired. He wanted to refine six pills with this soul, which was still a great burden for him.

The noise came to an abrupt end.All eyes followed Xiao Yan's line of sight.At last they stopped in the dark place above, and there were some strong players in the arena, whose faces could not help changing when they felt the air of bullying spread out from where."There's a lot of guts."

Xiao Yan held her sharp palm and suppressed his hatred in a gentle voice: "Second Brother, I will repay this blood feud."

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Wen Xiao Yan passed some surprise, then nodded slightly.Sunjia and Wu Hao's cultivation talent belongs to the kind of extremely superior people.It wasn't for him because there were so many miracles.I'm afraid he couldn't get them over so quickly.

"Well, there's something good about this one.It seems that Xiao Yan is not the master who likes being bullied. Although the strength has just been a great fighter, I have a cautious feeling to oppose him and practice me. I think of it very deeply."Lin Xiuya smiled softly.His arms held up the balustrade and looked at him at random. The previous Yan Hao looked out. In the shadow, there were vague figures standing up, and the fierce arrogance was to let Lin Xiu Cliff and other people recognize who stood.

"Well, I've promised Phil to teach you a good lesson, you bastard, and you'll have your own bad luck when you meet it today."Yao Sheng's murmuring voice reverberates in the sixth floor of the tower, which contains murderous feelings and even the fiery atmosphere around them.

"That's a big deal."Xiao Yan mouth out of the sound of wonder, these white jade steps value is quite expensive, but used to preserve medicinal materials is very good effect, in this closed space, those precious medicinal materials almost won't lose half of the efficacy, and storage time, also can be greatly extended, this arrangement, far from Xiao Yan use the Nadao storage can be compared.

Xiao Yan nodded a little. If there really is the last herb for refining the earthly elixir: Longxu Iced Fire Fruit, he won't lose money by exchanging one Longlidan for such rare herbs. If it is other words, I'm afraid the business is not worth it.

As the body intrudes into the colorful surface of the water, Xiao Yan's body immediately violently beat a chill, the temperature of the water is horribly low.If you don't use Qi to protect your body, even the skin will feel a stabbing pain.

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