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Eyes flat looking at the flash of the huge blood color centipede, Xiao Yan fingerprint change is not a bit slow down, after a moment, the fingerprint suddenly condensation, formed a slightly strange knot, and the surrounding fluctuation of heaven and earth energy, is also solidified at this moment.

The whole sky is silent at this moment. Everyone can see that Scorpio Bi Yan is already the end of the road. As long as he falls down, then the whole Scorpio Gate will be happy to lose the last pillar V "" Hey hey, I may be sure to escape today, but if you want me to die, you will pay the general price of blood!"

"Jie Jie is hard to poison the body."Sure enough, it's terrible. Well, I've really seen it today."Scorpio Bi Yan stared dead at the little medical immortals, and as he spoke, blood gushed constantly, making his voice a little creepy.

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With the appearance of Zhan-Wen, Xiao Yi Xian's grey-purple eyes suddenly burst out a strange light, rotating between the eyes, the left eye is a few deep purple, but the right eye is a strange gray.

To the furious Qishan, Old Yan did not bother to pay attention to it. He held Xiao Yan's magic pill in his right hand and Qishan in his left hand. Then he spread it open and said to all the refining herbalists in the hall: "You are also famous refining herbalists in the Black Emperor City, and they should have some ability to argue against pills. You said," Who is the best? ""

Looking up, Xiao Yan looked at an old man who appeared at the counter. Judging from the other party's robe, he should be the person in the drugstore. He didn't talk nonsense at the moment. He took out a piece of white rice paper directly from the ring. On top of the rice paper, there were several main herbs for refining the Heavenly Soul Melting Blood Pill.

Around the two strong people, sunlight stunned looking at the Centice Cliff which is directly seriously injured and planted. For a while, my heart was filled with a little fear. Looking at the black robe figure in the sky, there was even more fear hidden in it. If Xiao Yan killed the elder before, others could still reluctantly owe it to his use of the secret method. But now, that was severely injured on the Centice Cliff, but it is a genuine Emperor's Peak. Looking at both sides, in addition to small medical immortals, I'm afraid only the Master Scorpion Mountain of the Scorpion Sect can defeat it. Even if he wins, perhaps it is very difficult for the Scorpion Mountain to do this kind of attack.

The chain turned into a shadow and shot from the sky. The clattering sound of the chain was like death's sickle, soul-quickening and life-saving.

"Old Zha Mao, give me the antidote!"

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Aware of the fluctuation of the energy around the world, the eyes of the centigrade once again passed a shock, heart can not help some regret to actively find this guy, see such a change, this guy is obviously in the use of a very powerful and overbearing fighting skill.

The fist hit the moment, the cold drink is also in Xiao Yan's heart to ring up, hidden in the fist skeleton of the terrible secret force, suddenly flooded out, finally in the elder's appalled face, spread into his body, an instant later, suddenly explosion!"Shit!""

"How is it?I don't know, sir, have you ever been interested in visiting the second floor?The rare degree of the medicinal materials above is far from comparable below. I think the three herbs you need can also be found on it."said the old man with a smile.

Of course, compared with people of poison clan, the strong person of ten thousand scorpions door is phosphine for ugly, even with the strength of ten thousand scorpions door, it is impossible to ignore the fall of a emperor strong person, after all, this kind of battle force, has been regarded as the door by the top level, lose a, will make people extremely heartache.

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"Let me take this little girl, too, to go to Canaan College, and always let them see the elder. I didn't abuse her."Xiao Yan patted Ziyan's head, but the other party reluctantly avoided it.

A mouthful of ardent red blood spurts, finally turns into a layer of blood mist will wrap Wu Hao, and with the package of blood mist, its body above.It was also a sudden burst of crimson dark blood.

"How can you tell whether you are a strong fighter or not?"

By one side, Ziyan was shocked by Xiao Yan are shut up two people, suddenly chitchat Hehei laugh.

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