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Don't look down on Lin Xiu Cliff. This guy's wind-attribute fighting Qi is almost refined to the point of perfection. Moreover, he himself has no small background. His martial arts and skills are all of the higher levels expected by ordinary people. They are difficult to deal with.Lin Yan solemnly said.Pride like him, for this name, is still a bit of admiration, from then on is also enough to see the strength of Lin Xiu Cliff.

Yeah.The old doctor glanced casually at the liquid scattered with strange white mist and nodded slightly.

Fist wind from the white before the fly, but his heart is too late to be lucky, Xiao Yan elbow is slammed down violently, sharp strong wind in its elbow shape, the harsh sound makes people ear membrane a shock pain.

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Those colorful speckled energy poured into the body didn't listen to Xiao Yan's command, but it was very targeted directly to the bones in the body.And all the bones they encounter, will change into multicolored colors in an instant, and in this colorful color, Xiao Yan can feel vaguely, there is something intruding into the bone, and also with the bone marrow adulterated together.

Chapter 530 Ranking of Top Companies

"En" medicine old focus on the change of color of the water, with the mouth said: "Earth center quenching body milk energy is too huge, depending on your current strength can not be directly taken orally, so can only take this way, and even so.It must also be combined with other drugs to achieve the effect of marrow-refining bone, or forcibly come, don't say washing marrow, empty your life will be directly washed away."

With the sound of vigorous fighting in the sky constantly reverberating, vast, near for a long time,

Xiao Yan's eyes turned to the south, where is the inner courtyard Tianimao refining tower seat, a long time later.The burning heat of some kind of blackness faded away quietly, sighed, shoulders slightly trembled, purple cloud wings shot out, wings gently shake, the body shape is changed into a black shadow, hurriedly towards the mountains outside and fly away, in a flash, is turned into a small black dot disappeared in the edge of the sky.

Rising, the moment is also can not help but step forward, pointing to the sweet voice of Aroma replied.

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To see her look like this, Xiao Yan will not laugh at the jade bottle thulium into her hands, looking at her that pair of happy look, can not help but secretly smile bitterly, although the strength of the little girl is strong, but mental, and so much the same age ah.

After leaving a little 'earth core quench gas', Xiao Yan took out the jade spoon, and then put the clock milk fragments in his hands stuck up again, suddenly, the bright light gradually diminished, the clock milk again became the previous kind of calm appearance.

Xiao Yan revealed the meaning of the words in Elder He canan smile, waved his hand, and then sat back in the chair again, reviewing the medical documents.

In the full gaze of the public, the dark place of the tall figure slowly step out, the body straight jump out.Finally like a shell general, heavy fall in the field, as strong as the fall of the ground, is directly caused by the feet of the huge stone, burst silk cracks.

The white flame rose slowly.However, though the flames rose violently, it always seemed to give a strange feeling of coldness.

Eyebrows slightly frowned, Xiao Yan naturally is clear that he said that ten of the six open some update fast festival is originally Liu Fei that file matter, the moment also does not export defense, the body only remaining fighting gas, along the slow flow of meridians

"Arena?What happened?"asked Xiao Yan, her eyes slightly narrowed.

"Humph" retreat Xiao Yan, Bai Cheng a cold hum.Holding the handle of the gun's arm a little shake, above the gun body, the light suddenly and exuberant, dazzling yellow like a round of sunshine, from the circle of battle and twinkle.

"Whew!"At the entrance of the cave, a multicolored light suddenly flashed in, and finally circled over the wooden basin. As the python looked at the still-burning fire, the python hissed out a letter.There was a touch of worry in the snake's pupil.

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