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Tear the letter and look slowly through the mysterious man in black robe. A moment later, the mysterious man in black robe smiled bitterly and said: "I didn't expect that even the Lion Sect joined the" Black League ". Now have their hands and feet spread to this side?"

Magma falling, dozens of huge invisible python, suddenly shot out of it, feeling the kind of long-lost freedom, the pair of huge triangular eyes, full of a very human ecstasy.

Step down, Xiaoliyan looked up, but surprised, this temple of the white, face suddenly became some strange blood red up.

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In a sudden sharp palm hit out, Fan tuberculosis figure is also strange floating view, a murderous smile, dry palm is also solid and Xiao Li hand palm seal together, immediately, terror and outburst!

Chong ruler next offensive was cut off, Xiaoliyan the whole person's momentum is also this temple appeared in a blink of an eye stagnation, and Liu Qing, but will this silk extremely difficult stagnation thoroughly grasp, palm to the ground, curled into a fine arc, like a very sharp claw general, the arm shake, sharp claw is brought up a cold strong wind, to dance the chest heavy hit away.

"Want to run?"

"Falling heart inflammation?You've refined the falling heart?"Fan was not surprised when his eyes swept through the blue flame, but when he saw once again the invisible fire that seemed to have been known before, his face suddenly changed greatly, and the voice of astonishment rang sharply.

Xiao Yan's internal fighting qi runs rapidly along the skill path, and then continuously absorbs the energy between heaven and earth. Though the burning decision is only only intermediate, the absorption of energy and even the degree of formation of fighting qi is even the advanced skill of Xuan Stage. It is also one of the difference. Moreover, in coordination with the refining of the heart fire of Qinglian, the recovery degree of Qi fighting in the quiver body. In the practice, if it is not the margin enemy with great gap, I'm afraid no one can compare him at this point.

Xiao Yan voice had just fallen, that Su Qian immediately had an action, I saw its shape flash, is like a ghost appeared in the falling heart around the body ten meters, but he was too late to have action, a mass of fiery invisible flame is directed at his face door shot away, so that he hurried to escape.

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"Swordsman looked at Lin Xiu Cliff with a smile and said.


Smell, Xiao Yan hand shake, almost throw away the scroll in his hand, need fighting king strength to open the fighting skill?This is the first time he has met

Su Qian shouted, those surrounded in the top of the inner court students are also some riot, the group in the sky although not huge fall heart, but released a terrible destructive force, they do not doubt, if it falls down, fear that the whole inner court will be burned in an instant!

On the bleachers, gazed at the ruined field, their minds were slightly bent, they did not expect that the previous group of even indiscernible blue and purple light, unexpectedly could create such terrible destruction!

Medicine is always trying to kill this once-a-time shooter!

"Look at their own chances. It's okay if they fail.Heart inflammation forging success.Also just let them join the battle king later to ease a bit, and can not achieve the direct promotion of them to the king of the fight effect, can enter the top 10.Most are talented people, as long as it's not the kind of person who is extremely lucky, it takes five years and ten years.There's always a chance to be a fighter."Su Qian's casual way glanced at the huge deep hole behind him.With a frown, he said, "How's your heart burning?"Is there any movement?"

Hehe, don't worry too much. Now you live is the best thing. Second Brother doesn't care. The Xiao Family can only depend on you!"Looking at Xiao Yan's face, Xiao Li smiled. She got up and patted the former on the shoulder. He mused a little. As soon as the palm turned, a slightly strange transparent bottle came out of his hand.

Su Qian a hand burst out, strong force is to shake gold and silver two old straight back, the face is also emerging a pale, although they two can join forces with the strong fight can contend, but really long up, finally defeated, still they are still, before this time of Han Feng, long away from entanglement with his opponent to help them deal with Su Qian, but now, not only was Xiao Yan strangled inseparable, but also some of their own flavor, and with the passage of time, they lost two people in the hands of Su Qian sooner or later.

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