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In the Bai Cheng curse, Xiao Yan finally is slowly towards the stone platform, then pull out a red background to sign, a sweep of his eyes, first a daze, turn around the corner of the mouth to emerge a touch of fun.

Xiao Yan smiled, the green fireball in his hand suddenly spun high up, and finally with the rotation of the fireball, it seemed that even the surrounding air was sucked into the general, and between high rotation, Xiao Yan's arm shook, high rotation of the turquoise fireball, is carrying the terrible blazing temperature, severely hit on the back of Fan tuberculosis.

"Brother Xiao Yan's medicine-refining skills can't be solved?"Huan-erh had a little bit of surprise.

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"Come on, don't fight with me. It's your greatest honor to let you come in and look for someone. Now that you have found someone, leave now.Su Qian frowned and whispered.

"I don't think I need that kind of civility for both of you, do I?"Xiao Yan turned his head and turned his eyes to Wu Hao and Xun Jia, laughing.

A group of people walked straight into the high platform, the people along the way are extremely discerning evasive, the crowd.Is a simple dressed man, man's body is stout, thick eyebrows raised like a sword.There was an air of fierce arrogance on the resolute face of unbridled self-effacement.

Fuzzy black shadow, with the help of Liu Qing because of the mysterious ruler and lost mind that that, flash and flash to, five fingers suddenly grasp tightly, internal fighting at this moment crazy running up.

Medicine has fallen asleep, naturally no one came to answer his question, but now since the heart fire has not much effect on him, then it is time to collect debt ah.

Xiao Yan smiled and looked at the young girl in green in front of her.The latter beautiful eyes are also filled with subtle smile and tenderness.

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"Crazy!"Although she was just a little girl, but she was so cavalier in public, the opposite man's face was also very heavy, extremely sternly said:" Don't think you are a little girl, I will take pity, remember my name, Bo!"

As Su Qian shouted down, the eighteen elders suspended in the sky immediately should drink in unison. Then 18 powerful fighting qi were sent out in a violent surge. At last, they intertwine each other like lightning. At the moment of interweaving, they reflected countless slightly small energies, which were intertwined with each other. In just a moment, they were built into a pair of extremely tight energy reading on the sky.

Xiao Yan!"

Under the temptation of such rich profits, those "black league" people who used to kill people as a daily routine can't bear it. Therefore, everywhere's figures are all mixed with the sound of fighting and killing, facing the mountain stronghold tide-like flow.

"This fellow, didn't the Elder ask people to leave there? What is he doing there when even the elders can't solve them?"Lin Yan's face suddenly changed.

However, in the excitement, Xiao Yan's eyes swept through the swallowing sky python pair of goofy snake pupils, the heart is suddenly a sudden, at this moment the latter pair of eyes, is constantly changing color, sometimes cold, sometimes full of vitality, obviously this small body inside the two souls, seems to be fierce at this moment fighting for the control of the body.

The broad black shadows suddenly flash out, thick back, like a shield like, standing straight in front of Xiao Yan, and the blood spear, is heavy point on it, suddenly, a strong wind like a storm like, swept out violently, the strong wind, even faintly with a very subtle sound of wind thunder.

"Besides, I have a hunch that the day seems not far away."

Two people's dialogue, although simple, but full of hard-to-hide tit-for-tat, as many years of opponents, two people are always in the match, the sound of the battle that year, construct prime to defeat in Lin Xiuya hands with a tiny weakness, so quite a grudge, but these years strength skyrocketing, he did not look for Lin Xiuya competition, the reason is this proud guy, waiting for this opportunity, he lost to Lin Xiuya in the competition, now, he needs to win here!Ten years to grind a sword, for this fight, Liu Qing does not know how many sweat.Patience loneliness, alone taste the dullness of cultivation …

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