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"Give me three minutes!"Xiao Yan glanced at the three Zinyan outside and suddenly said.

"Ho ho, old Su, let's play with us."Two figures of gold and silver flashed in front of Han Bian, grinning at Su Qian who shot at him. Then they held their left and right hands tightly and shot out with a fierce green fighting spirit.

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"If you dare kill my blood clan, I'll cut off your legs and legs today and form a blood slave!""

The whole body of the pill is red with blood, about the size of a longan. This pill looks very mysterious. At first glance, it looks like a transparent bead filled with blood. At the center of the pill, a little blood is especially dark red. It can be seen faintly. It seems like a small eye all the time, and the whole has a strange feeling.


However, the rude voice had just fallen, a pair of cold bright eyes were like sharp sword-like sudden shooting, so Xiao Yan instantly closed her mouth, a sarcastic smile, her butt moved back without trace.

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"I didn't expect you to have such cards. No wonder Ling would fall into your hands."His face looked darkly at Xiao Yan and Fan's gloomy way.

Xiao Yan was stunned. His face changed slightly. "Isn't that a man in the Black Corner?"

Two years of years, in the sad face added a little cold, but that eyebrow obscurity wandered a slap of death, in Xiao Yan this soul perception especially strong eyes, but quite obvious."Second Brother, what have happened to you in the past two years?"After a moment's hesitation, Xiao Yan finally couldn't help but ask.

"You've got flying skills. His dark water world doesn't do much to you."Lin Xiu-ya glanced at Xiao Yan's back without a trace of glances."

"But that guy seems to be very hateful to you, this meeting, with the real will fight for life, although you are not afraid of him, but also have to be careful, if you get hurt by his gold, that will be your next game, but some disadvantage."Wu Hao frowned and reminded him.

In my mind, constantly flashing countless messages, after a long time, that hit the forehead of the scroll suddenly stiff, the man's eyes like lightning, once again shot to the energy fluctuation to spread, the voice of doubt with a bit of dismay: "This seems to be the fluctuation of strange fire?"

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