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The armband gently waved, will spread to the front of a wave of scornful hit scattered, Xiao Yan slightly squint eyes at the fire wave spread out, his heart clear, this strength of attack, can not hurt Fan tuberculosis such strong people.

In the eye of that eye, the sky two constantly engulfed and entangled dark red and golden energy, but suddenly like boiling boiling water in general, violently fluctuated up, that is, the two masses of energy in the confused eyes of the people, suddenly expanded up!

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"Don't this idiot woman know that falling heart inflammation has done great harm to the soul body. The soul does not occupy the body completely, but the flame can burn the soul directly."

Out of the seal of the sky-burning gas-refining tower, a sharp sound of excitement suddenly came out from the magma stream like a thrilling thunder, then the magma scattered everywhere, the magma fell, suddenly rising fierce flames, therefore, in a short time, near the sky burning gas-refining tower dozens of meters away, all turned into a sea of fire.

"Hopper Gasification Wings..."

This scene, even if Xiao Yan's strength to a very strong degree Su Qian long ago, the face is a touch of surprise.

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"If you lose to this kind of guy, I'm afraid I'll be laughed to death by those guys who don't have a corner field in the future."" He bitten his teeth hard, and Fan's seal in his hand suddenly moved. Suddenly, the sea of blood, which became smaller and smaller under the green fire, suddenly turned violently, contracted rapidly and quickly penetrated into the former body. "

Forced to suppress the burning pain of the heart, Xiao Yan difficult to take out a bottle of qi-return pill from the ring, and then all put into the mouth, in this falling heart inflammation surrounded, although there is still a fire attribute energy floating around, but under the control of falling heart inflammation, it is quite difficult to absorb, so, Xiao Yan want to persist some time, only use elixir stick!


"I remember the debt and disgrace of Lingquan."

Since there are points strange, even ordinary eight stars are hard to defeat her, and Xiao Yan such realization, no doubt he expected

"Damn it!"Queen Medusa was furious. Her palms were raised, and the colorful energy in her palm kept rolling. It seemed as if she could not wait to slap Xiao Yan to death with one hand.

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