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Han Xue slightly nodded, immediately slant head blunt Xiao Yan smile, qiao way: "Xiao Yan eldest brother, please follow me." Unconsciously, the name became familiar to her.

Listen to this, Han Feng that illusory body immediately mercilessly hao, eyes flit a touch of fear of the color, a moment later, is finally a clenching teeth, way, "I tell you the drug dust detention place, you let me leave?" "You have no bargain with me! $." Xiao Yan face ten cold, that enveloped in han Feng outside the falling heart inflammation is fierce to close and go.

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Hands once again put on uniting the knot, ZSZSZSZ eyes is also increasingly close, and as its breathing flat was gradually, its in the whole space is also slightly fluctuations, soon a twill vigorous energy of heaven and earth, along with the whole body pores, and then a steady stream of perfusion into its body, after the coloured glaze lotus nut fire refinement, into the most pure of quarrelling, dissolve into ZSZSZSZ limbs skeleton...

Listen to Xiao Yan this words, the little doctor fairy qiao face becomes hot again, like _ a red apple, no matter how indifferent she is on weekdays, but at this time of performance, and ordinary girls do not have much difference. See a small doctor fairy quiet, Xiao Yan is also a sigh of relief, quickly again concentrated outline seal fire mark.

Sudden thunder exploding, all directly is to make people's ears at this moment in the year of the buzz, some people are so weak, is dizzy up directly, for they come back, looked up, then saw that like a mushroom cloud rising up the huge green fire mountain, and the old ghost shape is a trace, obviously, It is enveloped in the fiery green energy of a terrible fury."

After nearly a day of exposure in the magma world, Xiao Yan finally began to practice the "** * you Body ruler". The environment here is perfect for practicing.

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Mind along this strange feeling, Xiao Yan almost involuntarily quietly run "burn" and with the burning of the fast operation, the room of the energy of heaven and earth immediately violent fluctuations up, immediately a mottled color vigorous energy, overwhelming to Xiao Yan.

A slight nod and a smile.

A clear shout came from the mouth of ziyan, bright purple awn, directly from its sky cover burst out, and finally vaguely condensed into a very large magical beast spirit, because the purple light is bigger than the bright reason, the appearance of the beast spirit is also difficult to see.

On the second day after settling the matter of the little doctor fairy, Xiao Yan again went into the magma world under the tower of heavenly Fire. Here, he needed to help the heavenly fire Buddha to refine the evil spirit and try to make a "celestial demon dummy".

Xiao Yan also glances at a silver gloom in the lobby. His face becomes transfixed. "In Korea? How could it be her? Is she the Han? No wonder han Xue looked familiar to me. She was a sister *..."

Fighting burst out, Xiao Yan clenched his fist, made a little stagnation, immediately burst out... , a!"

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