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Qian Mo's face shook his fat face and smiled twice, then his face was gradually heavy. His right hand held a gold ring saw. The strong fighting spirit surged out of his body. A wind swirled around the body. At last, under the former's control, he condensed outside the golden ring path in his hand.

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"Is he Han Ji?"On the ground, Xiao Yan heard the name and was stunned suddenly, whispering with surprise, looking at the master of refining herbs who could be regarded as his elder martial brother.


"This is the place to practice. Do you own fire crystal caba?By the way, I forgot to tell you that although the No.1 Cultivation Room is better than other cultivation rooms, there are a lot of abilities that can be deducted. It seems that one day's cultivation here depends on taking 30 days of fire.Ziyan threw down the lavender ponytail facing Xiao Yan exposed two tiger teeth, laughing.

Xiao Yan's mind suddenly burst, his eyes turned, and his thoughts turned quickly: "If you really see the answer, will this old man kill himself for keeping the secret?"After all, the importance of falling heart inflammation to the inner court is really too great, so it is no wonder that Xiao Yan will have such ideas.

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With the invisible flame fluctuation more and more violent, that not far away a face crazy Han Feng body suddenly quiver, the body surface that the majestic fight quickly became disordered, so a few blink after, just slowly reply, he covered his chest, eyes darkly looking at Xiao Yan: "Summon heart fire?"

More than a hundred meters above the stronghold sky, the empty days suddenly rippled and a blood shadow appeared. Fan Biao's face turned pale. He looked down at the fist-sized mountain appearance. He coughed violently. "Little bastard, I'll go back and call you together. Then I'll find you to settle the bill. Then I'll break you into pieces!""

Xiao Yan sensed a little, nodded slightly, smiled and said: "It should be in the five-star fighting spirit around."

"I'm so honest, Han Feng's statement is true. The soul of the medicine dust is really on this boy!"

"Didn't I say that I wanted to hang out with you in the Garma Empire?"Lin Yan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Two years later, he was also much more mature than before, and the original impatience also faded a lot.

Looking at Su Qian's shadow, Xiao Yan took the lead to stand up, and then in that one-way envy of the eyes, step into the Tianimao refining tower!

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