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The way of the light.

Listen to her explanation, Xiao Yan this just suddenly, immediately smacked mouth, exclaim way; "It is the poison of trouble, and this kind of way of improving strength is really unheard of."

Zhu gan is sure that the huge soul power, even some of the six products refining pharmacist are absolutely not have, but in front of this look but about 20 young people a is, is he also a refining pharmacist? And the grade, "definitely higher than him! "What's the matter, Mr. Zhu?" All dry suddenly startled, but also to the side of the Han Chi and others a leng, hurried way.

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When the last drop of "raise soul salivate" thoroughly into the ring, the ring inside the soul. Also slowly scattered some of the raw pine, a grateful old voice, spread out.

Well, there's a tinge of pallor on her cheeks, and obviously, fixing this wormhole in space, for

Moreover, with her temper, if his promise not to Dan medicine on time and I'm afraid his anger, hate him for the rest of your life is very likely, therefore, it is must not delay "although now ZSZSZSZ strength of refining seven product Dan medicine with some hard, but no matter how, is must have a try, so, two months time, when it was some urgent!

Sky suddenly appeared on the scene, is to make college directly all are stopped, dumbfounded. He looked at the sky on the cloud of overlapping, between the front, after all is the heart, the line of sight suddenly turned to stone stage in azimuth, at this time, there is a shadow, negative hands, eyes not jing not afraid of looking at the sky on the variation of...

See luo Cheng that some ugly face, that came to a group of luo strong also dare not speak, they are not fools, nature is also able to know, this seemingly young line of people, has the energy is not weak, even if the old ancestor, are not willing to offend it easily. ,

Sudden ba applause, is also to get that two old man leng leng, immediately angry drink 1, shape move, two people are lightning like to the little doctor fairy storm and go.

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'Burnt Valley? Hear this some familiar name, Xiao Yan canthus can not help but pick pick, it is the only one he knows has a different fire forces, and Xiao Yan will be accustomed to the three mysterious changes in heaven fire, but also the forces do not pass the secret.

Angry thunder and down, countless small electric awn was cast out of the ruler shadow, dense like small silver snake, cast full of the stone.


And they went down, and immediately after them they went up, and only a few guards remained.

As for the purple grind in the grab to play after a few hours, is can't stand this feeling, throw it back

See Xiao Yan stop, Xiao Li also smiled. Will some xiao door of the people call and enter, and then use the ring will be here things, a trace not left all move, and then, looking at the empty warehouse, everyone is quite sinister dry smile, and go...

Invisible wave is like lightning to chase after the two people who run away, immediately that hongmu two people's body suddenly a, a hot blood straight jet, but also too late to escape, a figure is the ghostly appearance in the back, flick, strong wind injection, two people line of sight, is also suddenly black down...

Han Xueyu hand slightly tight, cold voice way: "so that guy just put forward this kind of request, let find a person of the same generation fight with?"

Under the seat, Mo tianxing and eagle mountain old man are frowning badge wrinkly looked at xiao Yan behind the jade bone wing, with their eyesight, nature is to be able to see, Xiao Yan can have that terror degree, is because of the effect of the bone wing... And they very clearly remember, the last hand, Xiao Yan's degree, but also far less than today.

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