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After the command is out, Han Chong is also relieved, smiling at Xiao Yan: "can you walk?"

Xiao Yan nodded with a smile and said, "Just before the elder came down, just break through."

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Words are so said, to be sure, but most of the people here are not fuel-efficient lamp, can go to this point, no point method is difficult to do, black Angle domain composition of chaos, and even directly here, I'm afraid now drinking together, I'm afraid I turned around, have to be with people put out all the other cases, everyone is anyone who refuses to accept, so form an alliance? A league of infighting? Or cannibalism?

Xiao Yan slightly meditated, immediately to the yellow clothes of the old man hugged a fist, sleeve robe a swing, a strong wind is the fold with griffin beast, quickly to the ground.


The old man of white robe smiled a smile, smile in having a by bone umbrella come loose but of proud, way: "old husband obsidian heavenly fire, other people also call me sometimes heavenly fire respectful person." "Venerable?"

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"It seems to have worked. Su Qian exclaimed, then turned her eyes to the four elders and joked, "It seems that we will have trouble with those elders in our inner courtyard who practice fire. Fortunately, this little thing can't absorb fire very quickly and most elders can afford it."

"What the hell have you done?"

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, the small doctor fairy and others do not know where, but should not go out

Chapter 881 The Call

This body covered with blood, in silence for a long time, suddenly subtle quiver, spin

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