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If it were not really surprising, it would be necessary to confront the forces of terror at the level of fighting against anyone.

The sudden sound of wind breaking, Lima caused the long gaze of attention, everyone was astonished, the cloud mountain face sink, body flickering, is appeared under the stage, sleeve robe a wave, terror of the momentum burst out, at last heavy bombardment on the dark shadow.

The voice fell, Medusa long jade arm probing, slim hand is firmly grasped Xiao Yan robe, but its just want to take it to the cliff, the face is suddenly changed, then the jade palm without hesitation to beat the space behind.

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"However, although the outside of Danta is loose, it has a core of elite personnel, and these people are all famous refining master of medicine on the sixth Duqi, and Guhe's desire is to be able to enter the Danta practice."The mammoth smiled softly and said," But if you want to enter the "Danta" practice, you need a joint recommendation from a sufficient herbalist training organization. That's why the mammoth came to find us. But with the strength of our association, we might still be able to take a hand in the Kama Empire. But when we look at the sixth year, few people would pay attention to it. And the recommendation qualification of "Danta" was naturally not available, so I had to refuse.

"Don't want me to be your free hitter."Meidou frowned, and her voice was cold.

And with the same sad expression, the opposite three big collar, the face is also at this moment became appalling, because they did not show any sign of air flow at all, this woman is as if standing there has not moved general, but the figure shown at this moment is clear and clear to tell them, she really just appeared...

Xiao Yan in the sky listened to the roar above the fortress. She breathed a sigh of relief. She turned his head and smiled at Medusa. "It's been a hard year for you."

At Haibodong's words, Xiao Ding and the concubine were both stunned. They were just about to say Ha, but the former face was completely solemn and gentle and said, "Come..."\ & "

Xiao Yan spread out hands, laughed.

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"I know Yun Lanzong was wrong about Xiao's family. However, I am the leader of Yun Lanzhai. If you want to destroy this clan, I will try my best to stop it, even if you kill it."The beautiful face was bitter, and the cloud took a deep breath, and the way was slow.

With a slight nod of her head, Medusa appeared beside Xiao Yan, and flexed her hand, caught her arm in Xiao Yan's slightly stunned gaze, and they swept away like meteors in the night sky towards the outside of the city.

Looking at those depressed soldiers around, Xiao Yan puffed out a breath, patted the shoulder of Yan Cheng, smile brilliant softly, "Don't worry, Yan League will not fall, who want it to fall down, then first from my Xiao Yan body step past, ha ha, I think my leader really do not accept responsibility, so important things, unexpectedly did not participate in."

"It seems that Yun Lanzong is in great trouble today.SCCM-AdminUI.exe

It turned out that Medusa was relieved after being stunned. It seemed that this was not something wrong, but this little girl had eaten too many materials and treasures for some time, and the energy condensed in her body was enough for him to advance.

Such a short-distance attack, even if Xiao Yan has a double-winged degree, it is also not evasive, but fortunately for the close body of the flesh, his experience is also extremely rich, the present

"Yun Lanzong, Avenger, are you ready?"

Therefore, in the future, this Yunlanzong will probably no longer exist in the Kama Empire

A sigh in his heart, the heart of the heart is like a mess general, he knew, since as the adversity poison, that is to say that the small medical immortals life will not be in peace and stability through, evil poison body, will constantly torment himself and the people around him.

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