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The box was opened to reveal two objects, a fist-sized fiery red orb and a taupe book of ordinary bamboo.

Xiao Yan nibbled at the tip of his tongue, a drop of blood containing some soul marks floated slowly out, and finally accurately fell on the puppet's forehead, slowly invaded and entered, and finally turned into a dark red blood spot the size of a thumb.

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Xiao Yan smiled, what fire attribute energy can be more violent than different fire? Possessing two different fires, he can refine and devour them in the most outrageous manner."

"Thunder is angry. Xiao Yan looked at that enveloped Hongchen's deep silver atmosphere, on its, the thunder like countless silver snake like four down and down, obviously, this guy's practice, is the kind of strong horizontal and known for the thunder attribute skills.

Looking at that in a burst of crunch sound, again before the motorcade, Xiao Yan mouth can not help slightly lift, the person pours still is really good, see, if the time comes to really meet what accident, secretly move to help once."

Two dou Zong strong momentum each other in the sky on the opposite, the square below the many students feel that from the sky to infiltrate the xu some of the pressure, are unable to help but some jumped-in, this is the dou Zong strong strong it? Light is the overflow of momentum, is to make their body gas stagnation, if the face of the fight, is not there is no power to move?

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Leapfrog challenge, to other people, perhaps extremely difficult, but to once ground devil old ghost that kind of strength unfathom of the old devil make cripple xiao Yan of state, but just common, Hongchen can leapfrog, and he, it is to be able to step!

And in this dullness, time slips by."

Listen to the sneer that comes out from hongchen mouth disdain sound, Xiao Yan is a smile however, in smile, wearing light cold meaning. Third more to!

"You use medicine like this, can never blame that small pressure to drive out, because this kind of pressure, from blood, although I do not know this big guy is exactly belong to which kind of warcraft, but the origin is absolutely extraordinary, perhaps, is also some genetic ancient beasts." Purple grind white Xiao Yan one eye, brittle sound way.

To laugh is to go straight to the point.

"Jie $! , boy, the power of falling heart is really unexpected, but don't naive think, this is to be able to all souls to break the spirit circle!" Diffuse in the dark clouds, suddenly sounded xuan Yin measurement of cold laughter.

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