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The previous sword still had some effect on him.

With the approach, that is located at the end of the huge city, but also gradually appeared in the vision of Xiao Yan three.


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Iron Dharma's angry roar rings through the sky. Five dark chains surge out of the body. On each chain, the mysterious black fog is twice as thick as before.

"She has almost the same strength as the Iron Dharma Protector of the Soul Hall. She's very tight in the war. I'm afraid she won't be able to win or lose in a short time."Xiao Yan pondered that the battle between the strong people of the fighting sect can last for a very long time if it really enters the battle of life and death, but the nature of Medusa and the Iron Dharma naturally won't let the battle be very full, so perhaps it won't take long before the battle is scored.

This month, the potato tried hard, but the brothers also gave the potato enough support.

Chapter 797 Red-faced Old Man

Struggling to stand up, Wu Hao looked at the familiar face close at hand, the tight heart is finally relaxed down, he knew, as long as this guy appeared, then today's things can be solved smoothly, Xiao Yan, Wu Hao has been holding the greatest confidence, see each other in the years, he witnessed many miracles of life.

His eyes were slightly congealed. The yellow-robed old man was just about to speak. One of the attendants came running quickly. At last he whispered something in his ear. He listened to him. The former looked at Xiao Yan with a slight astonishment. A moment later, he waved back and smiled politely and said, "Sir, I don't know the name?"But which side of the influence guest?"

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In the valley, the green flames burning, a flat softly, fluttering fall into Xie Zhener, but make the latter eyes suddenly constricted.

Xiao Yan three light foot walk on the street, gaze constantly in both sides of the street those shops sweep, this all the way, he marriage-saw a lot of medicine shops, also went in to inquire and look at, but these pharmacies scale and not big, so associated with Xiao Yan needed those medicinal materials, but also did not meet.

The three men got up and left the table, but had just turned around to see the hall where there was a sudden chaos, and then they saw a large group of bad-looking men, marching in their direction.

Dark eyes in the cold light flash, Xiao Yan palm suddenly grasp, that invisible flame wall immediately contracted and down, the instant is adhered to the body of the Iron Dharma, giggle sounds again, Iron Dharma mournful cry is also raised.

On the side of the stone pool, the district fairy pavilion jade stand, at this moment she had already changed clothes, beautiful eyes to the pool black water, eyes have a helpless color, did not expect Xiao Yan body fire unexpectedly so terrible, light in refining magic poison when the temperature spilling and out of the temperature, is directly this pool precious poison water can be steamed into such a shape.

It is hard to imagine how terrible the power of the third row of Jinglian evil fire will be.

Bend a gentry, directly on the head of the centipede, will shake fainting past, black shadow light glance glances, then a finger suddenly a force, directly this centipede body crush, and with the flow of the green blood, a small roll of paper was rolled into a small tube, but also quietly out.

Feel Xiao Yan that strong overlord a little breath, little medical immortals also feel a little joy, smile slightly.

Although the news about some bodhi child is true or false, but the attraction of the fighting sage is so terrible that even if there is only one thousandth of truth in it, it will attract the eye of countless people.

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