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On the training ground of the Desert Iron Mercenary Group, it was the time for the daily training camp in the group, so many members of the group crowded around the training ground. Under the scorching sun, sweating profusely, they competed with each other. In a frightening place in the square. Xiao Ding and his party were standing on it. His eyes swept across the field occasionally. Nodding slightly.

"Ah?" Qinglin took a step back, and his face was pale as he stared at the lava lake that was not moving at all. The person who just jumped down seemed to be instantly turned into ashes when he touched the lava. A scream of agony never came out.

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"I don't know if this earth fire lotus seed known as the spirit of fire is really as magical as the teacher said?" Looking at the green lotus seed in the palm of his hand, Xiao Yan whispered suspiciously, but he knew I remember that when it was under the lava, Yao Lao's evaluation of it was extremely high.

However, just as Xiao Yan turned around, the huge tail of the Fire Spirit Snake swung, unexpectedly wrapped around Xiao Yan's waist, the thick crimson flame on its tail, although it was in contact with the forest white flame It kept turning into nothingness, but the huge power contained in it still pulled Xiao Yan back violently.

"The thing in here is called "Luohun San", but although the name is a bit scary, it is not pure poison. This is what I found in the Colorful Poison Sutra, and it is also the highest-grade powder that I have been able to refine so far. ◆◆” Raising the sachet, Xiao Yixian smiled and said, “This Soul Falling Powder can emit an extremely dazzling smell, and I added some special things in it, if you encounter a strong problem that you can’t solve in the future. If you are not prepared, even if the other party is a big fighter, it will be temporarily blocked by the stimulating taste released by the powder, and this time , you should take the opportunity to escape."

Chapter 261 Sky War

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"Oh. What a shame..." I thought in my heart. The pretty cheeks under the black robe were a little crimson. Helplessly shook his head. pondered for a long time. Distraught waving hands. She has always been reserved and elegant. But he couldn't help but scolded lightly: "Go away. Go away. Go away with the strange fire. I didn't catch up with you today."

"What's going on?"

Chapter 203 Yao Lao shot

These snake girls may be due to the desert environment, their skin is quite dark, and their appearance is slightly beautiful. With the strange diamond-shaped pupils, they seem to have a strange charm, and the snake people are the most talked about. It is their water snake-like waists. In the human world, whenever there are female snake slaves performing that exotic dance, if the men around are not strong enough, they will be on the spot. It is not too uncommon for a pillar to hold the sky and a face full of shame.

His fists were clenched tightly, and an unprecedented sense of abundant power flowed through every part of his body. It was not until today that he stepped into the class of fighting masters, Xiao Yan realized how huge the gap between the fighting masters and the fighting masters was. Thinking of the battle with Mu She that day, Xiao Yan at this time couldn't help but feel a little fortunate in his heart. If it wasn't for the earth-level fighting skills taught by Yao Lao, no matter how much he jumped around, it would definitely be difficult to defeat Mu She. Not to mention killing it.

Aware of Xiao Yan's gaze, Queen Medusa's pretty face was slightly cold. The slender hand pulled the quilt on the side and quickly covered it with a charming curve. Even with a quilt covering it, it still looks extremely attractive. Beside the bed, a lavender snake tail. It hangs down slightly, swaying slightly. Unleashing a wild temptation.

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