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"Is this lightning trying to hurt me?"

"See you can repel this little portion, today let you see the secret law of fenglei Pavilion!"

After all this, Xiao Yan felt relieved and breathed a sigh of relief. The green flame slowly poured out of his body and finally wrapped his body. From a distance, it looked like a rising green flame. "Splash!"

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Chapter 869 The Summoning

Looking at the heavenly fire venerable this hand ingenious condensation fire into triding, Xiao Yan's eyes are also a flash of surprise, worthy of being once the dou Honour strong, this hand to carry the fire of the law, Xiao Yan is inferior to self-recognition, heavenly fire venerable this head, is also worthy of the name ah.

Xiao Yan slightly lifted his eyes, looking at han Xue on the cheek of the entreaty and eager, can not help but wry smile, this trouble, really headache ah.

Lightning hammer just out of hand, is the instant explosion, for a time, sell r number of lightning force, overwhelming hit on the foot shadow defense, in such a dense bombardment, foot shadow defense quickly become thin, no longer too late to supplement. Ha ha, see you how to dissolve my unique wind thunder pavilion wind thunder power!" The body spins and falls to the ground, Hongchen looks at the xiao Yan that is wrapped by the force of silver wind and thunder, big smile way. Hum, the force of mere wind and thunder, and why the arrogance of the place?"

Through the short tunnel, a moment later ZSZSZSZ etc was parked outside the mouth of the cave, standing here, can faintly see that spread out from within the cave make some lights, on the surrounding rock of cave, with some grain of warcraft, it ferocious look, but this kind of useless deterrent, for ZSZSZSZ et al, nature is useless.

ZSZSZSZ sky, three color fire lotus finally is gradually forming, looked at the fire lotus flower contains the energy of terror, his eyes were flashing up slightly, a mix of three different fire of anger then, almost is the strongest force ZSZSZSZ control, ever against him, he is always full of confidence about it, but this time, but there are some uncertain, because the opponent, It is really bigger than tricky, seven star dou Zong, even if this is to look at the whole air continent, also can calculate is the top of the pyramid of the strong, now the devil of the old ghost, than in those days that swallowed the soul of yunshan, more powerful...

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"And the control of the body of the fire, seems to be more than one kind, can several different fire stable melt into the body, such skills, can be called the world, boy, go out in the future, can be more careful." Another gray clothes old man is also the vision slightly some surprise, immediately slow way.

Chapter 906 Refining Success! In the cave, Xiao Yan closed his eyes suddenly opened, eyes flit a happy look, immediately in the hands of a strange seal knot, a slightly weird drink sound, also only from its mouth.

See what stray warcraft bar, even dou Zong strong are helpless I can not, if finally become a demon

In the heart of Xiao Yan, those who withdrew from a distance of Su Qian, Han Feng et al is also the existence of two mysterious grey shadow, the present is a zheng, after a long time, Su Qian seems to be suddenly remembered what, the eyes of rapturous raptures, whispered, "these old immortal. Finally willing to do something."

Chapter 892 The Winner

Business, want to pass by from the north desert, and then show you, say, is your good luck, the desert often have Wolf disaster, if it

For small medicine fairy, the students in the hospital know not much, they know, is this looks some cold beautiful girl, has been with Xiao Yan senior side, and the most important, or this age does not look much older than them how many girls, is a dou Zong stronger than su Thousand elder!

Watching the griffin beast left, Xiao Yan is also spit a breath, to the small medical fairy several people waved, turned around to take the lead in the city to go to the horizon.

Already, with luo cheng this kind of in dou zong rank don't stay step for decades of person want to compare, but differ too much.

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