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"Bah" spit out the blood in the mouth.Wu Hao sullen face, eyes full of blood at opposite cold smile Bai Cheng, that look, just like a bloodthirsty beast in general, in this gaze, even Bai Cheng also a little feel cold body.a novel

"Just a fluke."Xiao Yan saluted Elder Hao slightly and smiled. After the tutor went out, Xiao Yan whispered the purpose of the trip:" I came here to find Elder Hao mainly for refining a herb but lacking a medicinal herb alone.So I want to see here, after all, can you find it, ha ha, now the strength has increased a little, eliminate inflammation to that "Longli egg" refining system, I'm afraid it can improve a lot of success rate."

Looking at the crowd on the opposite stand, I thought it was a young girl dressed in green clothes. The girl was very beautiful. However, the most impressive thing was the unique momentum of the girl who was quiet as green lotus.

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He bitten his teeth severely. His palm was holding the gun tightly. His eyes stared at Xiao Yan. His eyes passed a chill. He knew what this battle represented for him. If he lost unfortunately, he would be replaced by Xiao Yan on the "Strong List" immediately, and accompanied by "White Gang: 16xs."net "is also a great decline in prestige, leading to a drop in the inner court position, so, no matter how much Xiao Yan in front of how many entanglements, today he must do whatever means to defeat it!

Xiao Yan's eyes toward the eyes, Xiao Yan hands extremely flexible and flexible detection and back, spinning like a dark shield general, heavy standing in front of the body.And that dark yellow spear, is right point on the broad ruler body.

"You can't just look at the surface."Xiao Yan smiled. After he didn't know Ziyan's identity, he was appalled that she was so powerful at such an age, so he was quite aware of the mood of the two.

Oh, hehe, now you are also in the strong list famous, this competition is really your business, Lin Yan smiled nodded, said: calculation time, a month later, should be the start of the competition, how?Are you thinking about the top ten, too?

Around the square, because of the Griffin beast and its attractive eyes, there are a lot of foreign aid students gathered here, and when these students saw that from a just falling Griffin beast down a group of people, suddenly stunned, Xiao Yan, smoked children, Sunjia, Wu Hao before entering the inner court, almost outside the well-known star figures, even now more than half a year later, there are still many students remember them, therefore, after the four appeared, the surrounding is a burst of whispers and hot eyes.

With his teeth clenched on his red lips, Fanye shook his hands and nodded slightly, "Well, I see."

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With this drop of "Earth center quenching body milk" drop in, that originally clear clear water, was transformed into rich jade color again, rich almost indelible smoke wrapped in the wood plate, huge pure energy, again filled in it.

Strong list, as long as a small rise in rank, the treatment will be more rich.Therefore, after Xiao Yan defeated Bai Cheng to occupy the 34 places in the "strong list", it is the beginning of the sixth succession of people appear, the challenge book is almost a stack of was sent into the rock door, although Xiao Yan that day in the arena showed a very strong strength, its real strength is only a star fighting spirit, so many people are in the subconscious think, want to defeat Xiao Yan, perhaps not difficult, after all, now he has no second "Longlidan" to take.

"Of course, if there is a vision in Dan Cheng, you'll have to get away from it, or you'll be in trouble if you get hurt by mistake."Old Yao sat cross-legged on the grass, reminding him.

In order to give Xiao Li the safest protection, Xiao Yan naturally wants to prepare the Longlidan which can greatly improve ** strength in a short time. Although the medicinal materials of Longlidan need to be quite complicated, Xiao Yan has just three herbs sent by Elder Liu. Because the success rate of refining Longlidan Xiaoyan is not too high, so this refining is to ask for medicine.

Xiaoer shook his head with a smile when she saw Xiao Yan close the door heavily after sending Lin Yan out. However, Xiao Yan threw his eyes angrily and threw away his smile. "I know it's not Brother Xiao Yan who is afraid of him, but he's just worried about hurting him during a duel."

"Get him out of here!"

I've heard about things in the arena, but I didn't expect you and Liu Qingmao to get on with you.That guy isn't a gas-saving lamp.Lin Yan's smile slightly narrowed a little, slightly right color of the way.

From then on, it seems that the protagonist in the field is converted to its head, such fierce breath, placed anywhere, but also no one dare to underestimate.

"Besides, it doesn't seem so simple!"she said in a gloomy voice.

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