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Chapter 751 Action

The three leaders stared at Medusa's gaze. A moment later, the naked woman pulled a reluctant smile on her cheeks. "I didn't expect that there were such strong men sitting in" Xiao Men ". The three of us were really blind this time."

It's a real killing move. You can beat it in one shot!Assassination, also need only a blow!Therefore, she needs to seize the best chance!In the Muran Valley camp.In the area, a larger tent than an ordinary tent stands, but in the shade of the tent, a dark shadow is quietly emerging.

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"The royal family, the herbalist association, the wooden family."There's the Naran's house. It's been a long time since you've been gone. I don't know the last three years. Do you remember Xiao Yan's name?"Through the streets, half an hour later, Xiao Yan and his party appeared at the gate of the Pharmacists Association. Looking at the familiar door of the Association, Xiao Yan breathed out a breath slowly and murmured softly in her heart.

As the fortress entered the state of readiness, the sea of black and heavy men came in the midst of the sea of fierce fighting. In the middle of the sea of men, streams of light flew by. Obviously, these were the three strong men, and they were also the most stressful parts of the stronghold of Montenegro.

They stood quietly in the dark, waiting for a certain time when the two strong diabolists crossed and exposed the empty period, their shape suddenly turned into a black line, as quickly as lightning into the city, and finally, the shape of the body, it was into the shadow of a house.

Xiao Yan took his head off and said, "Actually, it's nothing. I just want to ask the Elder to wait for me to wait for me to take care of it. Xiao Men." This is a good exhibition place for Ding. I will send someone to take over the Kama Empire formally. But before this, you may want the Elder Elder to take care of it. After all, you know that the Black Corner Region is like this kind of place. If I sit in town, I'm afraid it won't be long before Maple City will be occupied by other forces."

"Han Feng has died, the Black League has been dissolved, and the winner, Wang Kou, as the victor, I am entitled to accept everything in this city, if the two are not satisfied, though let go to rob."Xiao Yan raised her eyes slightly, and his words, which had become colder, did not give the gold and silver two old men any more face, and the veiled provocation in her tone was not much disguised.

Although the sight could see through the darkness, it seemed that the dark sky even the distant sounds were isolated, so Xiao Yan did not know whether there was any conversation between the three, therefore, he could only see the three in the opposite moment, that is, the face of the Dharma is ferocious color, the huge black soul in his hands raised high, that is, both palms suddenly push, the horrendous soul energy is like a black meteor across the sky, swept to Medusa and medicine old.

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Under the careful maintenance of Xiao Yan, the surface of the milky white elixir, the luster is more and more rich. About half an hour later, the pill suddenly quivered and a powerful energy wave appeared in the air, like water waves, spreading frantically in all directions.


Without noticing Zhou Kuang's rising temperature, Xiao Yan stayed in the medicine tripod without blinking his eyes. After wearing the tablet, Xiao Yan moved his hand, and the green blue on the stone slab on one side had a thorn "and faintly scattered a rich fragrant fruit into his hand.

Xiao Ding and others were shocked when they heard that Xiao Yan planned to assassinate Mulan Three Old Men and Yanluotian at the border of the Imperial Empire. But this practice is quite risky.

Looking at Medusa disappear place, grimly tightly frown, a moment later, can't help saying:

"Boy, you escaped from here three years ago. Today, my clan will let you die here!"

With the help of Medusa, the valley, which was blocked from space, obscured those violent fluctuations, but the vast and gorgeous vortex of energy in mid-air did not dissipate, but became more and more intense with the passage of time.And the light cocoon in the valley and the cool fire in the cave are the continuous absorption of huge energy from it.

Chapter 694 Arrest

Turning back to a rough street again, a slightly shabby compound appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes, and faintly I could hear the laughter of children coming from the yard.

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