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With the appearance of the suction force, the huge flame mushroom cloud is like meeting a black hole, surging and pouring into the invisible flame.


"Sure enough, the animal's face was a little red with terror. Su Yu watched the energy flash, which was squeezed into an extremely dangerous arc, and his internal fighting gas flowed like a flood, and then poured into the energy net and pressed it down.

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Blue fire, fiery high temperature around this area of sky, some strength is better, some strength is not good, some strength is not good, is covered with sweat rain, even, some more difficult, directly is dizzy, finally fall.

"Huh?"I heard that Lan Hao and Sunjia were stunned. Now in the field, the guy with the fire attribute fighting qi almost occupies the absolute upper hand. Although the fire attribute fighting qi attacks strongly, but it is not lasting. His opponent's combat experience is obviously richer than him. He knows to avoid and procrastinate. Though the wood-attribute fighting force is weaker than the fire-attribute fighting qi, he wins for a long time, and he can heal wounds autonomously. If you are sensitive carefully, you are able to appear. The fire-attribute fighter has gradually slowed down the offensive, but his opponent is pulling back to the situation. I'm afraid it will not be more than ten minutes."Dong Er aside, smiling softly, her eyes were no weaker than Xiao Yan's, and even in some ways she looked more precisely than Xiao Yan.

"It seems that today still have no results" in the secret room waiting for a long time, see Xiao Yan still no sign of awakening, Xun Er is also a sigh, murmur, then want to get up to leave.

Xiao Yan when a large group of people came here, looking at the extremely tight man wall, are some dismay, but the contestants have a special channel, but with the help of Xiao Yan's light.Xuner and others also saved the trouble of the crowded, directly through the special passage guarded by the instructor, into the scene of a rather good view of a high-rise platform.

At a certain moment, Xiao Yan woke up from that confused state. It was warm and cool feeling coming from her arm. The warmth and coolness was just like a sudden encounter with downpour in the land that had been dry for countless years. Xiao Yan's whole soul trembled and suddenly opened his eyes. His head deflected, and he saw the colorful snake wrapped around his arm and was forgotten for a long time.

There was no particular reflection on Xiao Yan's appearance, but when Fan Biao squealed out the name in the Black Corner Region, their faces were in a moment full of horror, muttered in a murmur.

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Chapter 545 Battle between the New Black Horse and the Old Strong!

"Yes!"The figure did not hesitate for a moment. With a respectful reply, the figure plunged into the darkness and disappeared.

Looking at the crowd on the square, Xiao Yan also can not help shaking his head, here seems to be a little too much movement?

"Hey hey, please tell her that if you meet in the competition, it doesn't matter if you lose, but don't embarrass me too much. To tell you the truth, if I don't care about Liu Asong or ape, then I'm afraid of her. I think Liu Qing may think so."said Lin Xiu-ya.

Compared with the black league, the people in the inner court were instantly ugly and gnawing, and the atmosphere was particularly oppressive because of silence.

Xiao Yan smiled, held out her palm, held Xiao Li's white hand and whispered, "Second Brother, it's me. Xiao's family has a big revenge. How dare I die easily?""

"Oh, hope, though the heart-fire forging body is called the safety pass of the King of the Dipper, after all, it also has a large failure rate. If it is successful, it can fail... Although it is only one step away from the level of the King of the Dipper today, this step, if there is no chance, may not break through for five years or ten years."Lin Xiu-ya shook his head helplessly," she said.

Xiao Yan smiled and patted Lin Yan's shoulder, turned to the other side of the high platform, where, a face of soft-faced Yao Sheng is also the line of sight, that pair of eyes, with cold with disdain and provocation.,


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