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The left hand tightened slightly. Evil white flames. Quietly tossing. Unleashing a ferocious energy.

"Okay, in that case, Xue Lan, you should hurry back to the Motie Mercenary Corps and find those members who are good at detecting terrain, and try to find a way out within one day." Xiao Ding turned his head and faced Xue Lan. commanded.

With Xiao Yan entering the state of cultivation. The energy of the surrounding world fluctuates slightly. Then there were wisps of energy visible to the naked eye. Converging into a mottled energy band. degree of absorption. far more than before. Obviously. After the method has evolved. The benefits brought to Xiao Yan. has begun to gradually emerge.

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However, if you observe carefully, you will be able to see that whenever the old man glances at the cave that is not far away with the gravel covering the entrance of the cave, the palm of the eagle's claw will shrink suddenly and unconsciously. After a while, he replied again.

"Well, your induction is not wrong, it is indeed!" Mention this, the woman in Tsing Yi's eyebrows were filled with joy, nodded and smiled.

Hearing Xiao Yan's words, Rob was taken aback. Immediately he nodded with a wry smile. Heeled up.

Above the sky, the originally harmonious atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Just when Xiao Ding was about to grab Xiao Yan and turn around and run away. Xiao Yan closed his eyes tightly. But he opened his eyes suddenly. In the dark eyes. Profound and vicissitudes. emerge slowly. Faintly looked at the column of flames that came with fiery heat. Xiao Yan slowly stood up. Shake slightly. It actually flashed strangely at the opening of the passage.

Yao Lao did not refuse this. He knew that even if he wanted to use actual combat to train Xiao Yan, there was still a limit. With Xiao Yan's strength who had just reached the Dou Master's level, he could challenge a combat consciousness who used to be a Dou Master. The emperor-level powerhouse is undoubtedly just looking for abuse.

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Standing on a wall pier, Xiao Yan lightly patted the yellow dust on his clothes, although the journey was full of dust. But on his face. However, there was a slight hint of joy, after such a long journey. Xiao Yan finally felt the benefits brought about by the evolution of the cultivation technique, if it was put in the past. If he wants to fly from Mocheng to Stone Desert City, he not only needs to rest frequently on the way, but also has to take the Qi Hui Dan occasionally, so that he can reach the Stone Desert City smoothly...

"Chase!" The wind layer was broken. The three of Yuemei flashed into the sky again. It was too late to say hello to the two who had just arrived. A drink. The three of them took the lead in chasing away Fang, who had disappeared from the black-robed man. The two people behind were taken aback for a moment. Also quickly followed.


"Your captain's name...?"

Holding the Xuan heavy ruler tightly in his palm, Xiao Yan raised his eyes and looked at the long spear that was piercing like a poisonous snake. On the tip of the spear, the silver arc was beating continuously. He let out a light breath. The ruler suddenly fanned out.


In Dou Qi Continent. The gap between the exercises. Depends on several points. one. The degree to which the cyclone is vindictive. If the two are of the same level. But one of them practiced the Huangjie Gongfa. One person is practicing the Xuanjie method. So. A person who practices the Xuanjie exercises. its combat endurance. Certainly far more than the former.

"What a weird snake skill..." He waved a dozen Dou Qi skills at random. Smash hundreds of giant energy snakes into nothingness. Yan Shi looked at the giant snake of energy that was still almost endless. With a solemn face.

Xiao Yan's brows were furrowed when he was rejected by the old man. He didn't expect this old guy to be so stubborn. From his appearance, it was obvious that he didn't know that after collecting these fragments, he would be able to get a map to find the Jinglian Demon Fire, but he However, he still refused to agree to sell it, which really made Xiao Yan a little annoyed.

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