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With a sigh, Galeo had to laugh: "Liu Xi eldest brother, we Galleon family, now also can not provoke the Shaw family ah."

Pretty face a burst of green a burst of white, Xiao Yu is finally in xiao Yan's last sentence of scolding screaming out.

The body shook violently several times, xiao Yan just a little white face to dissolve the strength and go, looked down at the soles of his feet, but now, he was unknowingly, had stepped on the ground water mass made by the blue whip...

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Xiao Yan likewise shrugged his shoulders without question.

Cultivation, in the sleep and waste food penance slowly spent, the window of the sun, gradually weakened, hot temperature, also slowly reduced.

"Guest? Who?" Xiao Yan asked curiously.

Nodding his head, Xiao Yan's eyes quickly swept across the walls of the stone chamber, looking at the three moonlight stones scattered with light light, his heart slightly moved.

Xiao Yan was dumbfounded. Immediately frowning, meditation, the mind suddenly remembered that the old medicine input fighting skills, the introduction of the collapse of the eight.

"Ha ha, inflammation son, so late, how still stay at this top?" In the woods, after a moment of silence, the man's concerned laughter.

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Look at xiao Yan depressed appearance, medicine eldest brother smiled two, shook his head, this just joking of smile way: "calculate, who let me spread you this poor apprentice? I will teach you, that you may not be crippled."

"Good for you, little man... It's amazing to think of that as a way to enhance the high fives." The ring on his finger gleamed, and the old medicine floated out, looking at the fragments in the room, nodding his head and praising.

A suck a push between, xiao Yu's body shape is finally lost balance, staggered back a few steps, actually is a buttock sat down on the ground.

As the cold failed, Frosty Unicorn turned and began to run for his life.

Tearing the plain white clothes, I saw a light blue metal inner armor underneath it. It was like a wave of water flowing on the inner armor, which was obviously not common. On the inner armor, there were five deep claw marks, silk blood oozing from the claw marks.

The mind is climbing around the cyclone, and then slowly into them, at the same time, Xiao Yan's soul perception, constantly echoing the previous purple flame that was controlled by him.

Eyes scan the scroll above the shape of the human vein, Xiao Yan secretly will be the stone palm acupoint drive and the location of the vein firmly down.

After a long time, kagang several people finally came back from the shock, looking at that will ganmu dead step on the foot of the young man, looking at each other in despair, this is what he said the gas of the eight section of the fight? With the degree and strength of his previous bursts, this young boy, I'm afraid, is no less powerful than the strength of the nine stars.

"Bang!" Looking at the sharp end of the spear. Xiao Yan leaned back quickly. The soles of his feet made an explosion sound on the ground. The body shot out backwards.

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