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Xiang Aoyao 378word 352359people read continuous loading

"Lituguo...the fusion went smoothly!"

Quietly in the hall. On the high platform, Chemier and the others sat in their chairs and closed their eyes. On the table in front of them, the hourglass slowly descended...

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In order to get a glimpse of Ya Fei's face, she squeezed her head and ran to the auction.

"Wood war. Stop me!"

"Forget it. I can't take it anymore. I'm going back. Are you together?" Yawned again. Xiao Yan asked Ya Fei casually.

"Oh." Nodding casually, Xiao Yan followed Ya Fei, walked up the steps slowly, and then stopped, while Ya Fei stepped forward quickly and leaned down.

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the words of the French. on the VIP seat. Immediately, many pharmacists stood up. These alchemists. Most of them are cultivated or drawn by some powerful forces. Because of the support of the forces behind it. The level of these alchemists. In general. A little higher than those free alchemists.

"Go, this is your job, and I can't blame you." Xiao Yan smiled, the gloom on Xiao Yan's face dissipated a little, and waved his hand.

Compared with the audience in the surrounding seats, the pharmacists in the square were undoubtedly more shocked. Because they were alchemists, they understood better than anyone that two kinds of flames appeared in one person. What kind of danger and incredible it is, you must know that flames are violent things. When two violent things come together, the heat they burst out is enough to burn their masters into ashes.

"Haha. That old guy is very strong. Fighting head-on. I'm afraid it's Master Ling. It's also a bit inferior. But if it's about concealment, I have confidence." The green figure nodded with a smile. He bowed respectfully to Kaoru again. Then jump up. It turned out to be melted into the trees on the side. The tree swayed slightly. Immediately calm down...

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"Could it be for the gray-robed boy?" Xiao Yan frowned slightly. After a while. A raised eyebrow. road.

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