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Claw center to the ground, instantly ten days later, Liu Qing's face smile instantly folded, arm probe, hand claw is burst out, invisible strong wind in front of the claw to form a faint arc of light, the sound is extremely amazing, no less than Xiao Yan's eight-pole collapse.

If the soul of Queen Medusa completely occupied the body of the sky python, falling heart inflammation that the soul has the special burning effect natural useless, and rely on her own strength, even if can not break through the blockade, can fall heart Yan want to refine her, is also extremely difficult matter, but unfortunately, unfortunately, no matter is Tong Tian python or Medu queen, this body has no absolute control, therefore, they almost met the real Kexing!

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A distance of more than ten meters, for Xiao Yan's degree, less than blink time, but the people present are not ordinary people, so although Xiao Yan degree is extremely fast, but their eyes are firmly following.

"That guy is really strong. He deserves to be one of the top ten masters. I tried all my tricks, but I could only hold on for thirty rounds in his hand, and this is the end of the opponent's hand."Come on, Wu Hao exclaimed at Xiao Yan and others.

In the field, in Liu Qing's frantic attack, that is, the solid incomparable clear-fire armor, but also finally is the end of the road, when Liu Qingzong's claw hit a groove again hard working hours, the whole armor, momentarily violent trembling up, then, in countless regretful eyes, hastily filled with armor, finally, with a clear click sound, the next nearly hundreds of offensive Liu Qing armor, is finally burst open, finally into the virtual square...

"At least to take ten you, already enough. Hard-mouthed" Junior Brother "!" Han Feng palms, like a group of substantial majestic fighting in the palm tumble endlessly, faintly infiltrated out of the energy fluctuation, so that the space around the body is shaking up.

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When the pair of green lights in which Xiao Yan jumped alive again, the voice of anger, suddenly rang up, then, the light was full of light, an extremely violent heart fire, appeared in Xiao Yan's heart again eerily, and then the mad four intentions destroyed two

"Though the two old men could fight me for a while by virtue of the tacit agreement of the twins, once they had dragged the woods for a while, they would have made up for the gap between the fighting clan and the emperor, which was not easy to make up.

The vertigo lasted only a few breathing hours in Yao Sheng's brain, but when he gradually regained consciousness in his brain, the shadow in front of him had already appeared, filled with horror, a very strong wind, with a deep sound of explosion, in the square and reverberated.

For that specialized collection of the soul body of the mysterious organization, Han Feng and them are also a connection, that year assassinate drug old matter, even with their participation just can succeed, otherwise with the peak strength of that old drug, with his words alone, even if occupied with the mind of the first mobile phone, can not easily succeed, fighting Zun, the so-called legendary farewell strong person, is not a name?

The real competition is coming!!

Looking at the target very clear gold and silver two old men, Su Qian is also a cold smile, these two years, he and these two guys are not more than ten times, although the two rely on contract cooperation can fight with him, but that is only a temporary situation, he has confidence, as long as there is no one to intervene in their war midway, he will certainly be able to these two old guys to receive ten.

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