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Yu, therefore, in this period of time on the road, he almost did not practice once, consumption of the bucket

See xiao Yan so open-minded, Han Chong also don't say much about what, dark sigh 1, is to turn around blue hello people camp thing

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With the slaughter has a person to leave the square, the Face of Han Feng, is also more and more gloomy, half ring, face is finally enveloped in a shadow of the Senran, the low voice, slowly sounded.

He smiled and said, "My name is Han Chong. I am a deacon of the Han family in the northern city of Yao

At the moment the convoy, slowly into the snake gorge, because of fear of disturb, they even the wheels are wrapped with cloth, the black horn cattle carrying the carriage is also to be fed up, a line of people so sneaked into the canyon."

Listen to Xiao Yan this senseless words, everyone's heart is a piece of doubt, and that Mo Tianxing, the face is a sudden change, glaring xiao Yan, said: "my son poisoning, is you make the ghost?"

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Voice fall, Xiao Yan palm a wave, a vigorous struggle is gushed out, finally into that can

Eyes flash a ruthless color, xiao zhi finger movement degree suddenly accelerated, a green fire mark, under its fingers, quickly formed.

"You start, Han Feng or Eagle mountain old man they will also move... I'll do it." Xiao Yan shook his head slightly, immediately the right hand one holds, the flame of a group of deep cyan appears in the hand, the left hand is on the sky that fall heart inflammation one grasps, the latter is urgent return to shrink, turn into an invisible fire finally, wreathe in front of Xiao Yan.

Where the hell?

He must be stronger than Han. It is no wonder that..."

The scroll of "Heavenly demon" is naturally a treasure that Xiao Yan copied from the Valley of Moyan. He has always been very curious about the skill of the puppet recorded on it.

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