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Angry at the noise made by his daughter in front of him, Nalan Su suddenly stood up and tried to slap nalan yan with his palms raised.

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For this unexpected harvest. Xiao Yan was also full of joy. It seems. The drug is processed intensively. To enhance the strength. Also have quite good increase effect.

It is hard to imagine, nature quietly elegant and easy fuming son, can have so light language shy moving delicate state, that pure attractive appearance, let Xiao Yan real experience a kind of charm of another kind.

"Forty-five thousand." Mr Obama looked defiant.

Look at xiao Yan's appearance, medicine old this just slightly relieved, palm flat spread out, slightly silent, white flame, slowly teng burn.

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When his footsteps touched the ground, the little doctor said thanks in a low voice, quickly breaking free from Xiao Yan's hand, then swept across the edge of the cliff without any sign of sight, with his finger flashing past the hair in front of his forehead, then his eyes moved to Xiao Yan's face and whispered, "You... Are you the mercenary escort hired by The Ten thousand Medicine Zhai?"

"These Dan medicine, as you sell, later have time, I will come to have a look." The man in the black robe stood up and smiled: "I have some other things, so I won't stay here for a long time. Chief Xiao doesn't need to send him. Arrange things in the family, ha ha." Then, under the eyes of the public, he went straight into the hall.

Eyes languid glance at Xiao Yan one eye, if Lin tutor suddenly directed at him gentle smile, gentle voice, but it is to let most of the people present xiao Yan cast the eyes of mercy.

Once again fleeing out of some distance, behind a burst of strong wind shot, Xiao Yan quickly bent over, a boulder flew out from his head, and finally heavy hit the stone wall, crashing, and that stone wall, also appeared a few cracks.

Smell speech, Xiao Yan slanted a glance at her one eye, with this young woman together, it seems that what things can not hide, depressed in the heart of the sigh, faint point nod.

Chapter 98 Sydney

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