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medical store is a profitable business or not

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Xiao Yan turned his head and smiled at the wooden iron. On the long palm of his hand, a green flame suddenly emerged, and his eyes lifted slightly. He looked at a sword suddenly magnified in the pupil of his eyes. The corner of the mouth moved slightly, and the faint silver light flashed over the soles of his feet."Shit!"

To see Xiao Yan over the sun looked over, that the cold color of the five people, the face is also a little stiff smile, shouted in unison, these guys in the black corner domain are extremely prickly figures, but even so, for this will be blood, medicine emperor Han maple are killed in his hands Xiao Yan, they are not dare to have a slightest of neglect, black corner region, strength is respected, this point, almost has been deep into all the bones, so they can be calm to Xiao Li, but in front of Xiao Yan, but must abandon the heart of that fiery, be careful to deal with.

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"It's a trading relationship, not a partner!"Queen Medusa's ruddy lips curled Xiao Yan's desire to bring the two closer together.

Clouds beautiful face iron green.A pair of blue air-fighting wings emerges behind him. The wings are whirled with a jolt. Suddenly, they flash up into the sky and sweep away against the black fog.

Looking at the sky, vibrating green fire wings of the black robe youth, dead night bright eyes flash a little strange light, this guy, it is really a vertical talent,

"Cackle, yes."With a smile, the beautiful woman rose to her feet and saluted Xiao Yan with a smile." Please don't care about your affronts today, "she said." We'll surely go to the door to apologize later. It's not too late. There are still some things in our family, so we won't bother me any more."

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Looking at the cave that turned into rubble, Medusa's cool look had just appeared a touch of loneliness, he was closed, do not know when can just come out, sinking for a moment, she sighed, murmured: "I hope you can make a smooth breakthrough..."

"What a terrible soul."There was a pallor on the mammoth's face, and now, under the oppression of his soul, his sense of soul had been compressed into his body, and there was no escape.

"Of course, it is still not clear whether he will attack our Mu Family and the Naran Family, but it is certain that Yun Lanzong will find the Mitel Family first in a short time!"The heavy-faced road of wood and iron.

Moonmei's face was uncertain, and when the heart raised a trace of shock to the smiling black-robed young man, the body also backed back two steps involuntarily. "What do you want?" said the voice with a little caution."

See Xiao Yan's move, cloud governor and other people suddenly Leng, an instant later, suddenly have a little broken wind sounds from the rear.

That annoying Warcraft startled back, Xiao Yan's eyes just slowly scanned the valley, but his eyes just looked at "suddenly from the valley bursts of low roars, then a sharp figure flash" head all over the body green, looks extremely fierce and the whole body with ferocious air, similar to the shape of the Warcraft flash recognized, in a flash Xiao Yan surrounded.

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