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Xiao Yan nodded with a smile, open a wooden box again, a slightly some familiar red scroll out of the eyes now.

Felt quite surprised, although this magic core of the level, and he needs, a step different, no

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Husband won't kill you!" Ground demon old ghost blunt small doctor fairy sneer way.

Naturally, he was able to detect that the atmosphere of the black-robed youth before him was similar to theirs, or even slightly stronger, so it was not too domineering to say so.

ZSZSZSZ is also slightly feeling glad at the thought of here, in slightly examination, after not now what is wrong, just the bone wing vibration came to a place near the mountain and take out the xuan heavy feet, green flame fills the air, and in coloured glaze lotus nut the blazing fire temperature, rigid punctured like tofu, the mountain ZSZSZSZ wrist shake, debris flying, the hard on the mountain, A zhangxu wide mouth is also quickly emerge...

With the close of the fire lotus, the high temperature is also the cold bad to resist many, many students in the inner hospital, this talent slightly feel good, then one is all quickly looked up, staring at the sky like a meteorite and will bump into the huge black cold cloud of the multicolored fire lotus.

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After all, he is not Xiao Yan, although it has a fighting clan level of strong strength, but in the face of this by nature after countless years created by the bottom of the magma world, is still very small, so he can only pack up the idea of exploring, quickly leave... So, to this magma world, no one can give Xiao Yan what information, everything, it is to rely on his own.

Compared with the small doctor fairy, Han Feng appearance is also slightly some distressed, but overall, after a previous one of the fiery battle, the injury is far smaller than very fairy light many, in the swallowed xuan protect the soul, his strength, has been a small doctor fairy.

"As expected, it is a very good tonic, relying on the" fire beads "in the ring" must be able to make me reach the six Star Emperor smoothly, but next, or leave here quickly. "" Feeling the body gradually filled up the fight, Xiao Yan is also relieved.

Eyes slowly in the two bodies that kept dying shao moment mood swept, on the face of the final meal in a white robe yunshan, for a long time, after ZSZSZSZ light with a sigh, and after many years, to the person's hatred, also with the dissolution of YunLan cases gradually dissipate a lot, and his tragic end, is barely enough to cover the the things he did to xiao.

"Look out, everyone! Xiao Li facial expression is also a dignified, blunt everybody waved his hand, light cheers way.

** seriously inconsistent with the terror of strength, I'm afraid the light is three of them, is able to resist the ** douzong strong, so lineup... It seems that the valley of Magic fever is really going to the dogs...

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