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Although it is a long way away from the Black Corner, Xiao Yan's three men are not ordinary people. Xiao Yan and Ziyan are powerful fighters. Although Xiao Yan's double wings are extremely consumed by fighting qi, it is not a big problem under Xiao Yan's numerous elixir to recover fighting qi. As for the medical immortal, she has already reached the Douzong. It doesn't need to use the double wings of fighting qi to fly. When the mind moves, it is able to mobilize the energy of the outside world at will. Such flight is not only fast, but also the consumption of fighting qi is extremely low, and this consumption is almost a feather for a strong fighting clan.

Human shadows crisscross, sword and chain interweave in the sky, in the swing of a great energy fluctuation, also burst out bursts of sparks and crisp sound.

"You'd better laugh."Xiao Yan whispered softly.

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After Xiao Yan finished wearing clothes, Xiao Yixian moved back to her eyes. She opened the white length before the floating forehead, and there was still a trace of crimson on her cheeks. But after a moment, she was determined. Her beautiful eyes looked up and down Xiao Yan and asked curiously: "How much strength have you improved after refining the magic poison thread running away from silk?"

Xiao Yi Xian was stunned. His eyelids hung slightly. A jade-like arm came out of the pool. He scratched the pool at will. He whispered, "In this cloud empire, I'm called Tian Poison Girl. In the future, as long as the hidden danger is still there, I can never touch anyone. With the shorter the distance from the explosion, the greater the damage to the people around me.""

"It seems that there are some good plays this time. There are already some first-class forces gathering in the Black Emperor City, and there are still many powerful and overbearing strongmen. For the sake of the so-called Bodhi transformation, I don't know how many strong people will be damaged this time."

Xiao Ying's eye, hearing the words of Iron Dharma Protector, is it just the lowest Dharma Protector?So what is the strength of the higher class and the holding of the meeting?"I wonder if you know a man named Dharma Protector?Xiao Yan flicked his finger on the table and gently walked down the road."Hawks?You met him?"It's a bit of a shock to change to iron dharma this time."I've done it."Xiao Yan said softly.

"Xiao Men, Xiao Yan?"

Xiao Yu and other people looked back, Xiao Yan feet above, bright silver suddenly burst out, spinning a trembling body shape, a path of residual shadow is suddenly emerging valley, and its body shape, is changed into fuzzy black line, a blink of an eye, is directly in front of that a fighting king strong person.

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Yan slowly took back his hands, put the two pills back to the jade bottle, then handed a jade bottle back in front of Qishan, its meaning is self-evident.

The Black Emperor also has a great reputation within the Black Corner Region. However, unlike other forces, the Black Emperor acts very low-key. Although its leader did not enter the "Black List" of the Black Corner Region, it is rare to encounter provocation from other forces in the area ruled by the Black Emperor. The sect stands in the Black Corner Region for a long time. It is said that even the gold and silver two old men are very polite to meet the low-key leader. From then on, it will be enough to see that his strength must be extraordinary.Black corner region, hidden dragons, crouching tigers, this statement, really no false, that so-called black list indeed has some gold content, but it is not all, in this chaotic place, the real strong, more or choose to hide...

His eyes swept to Medusa, and both Little Medical Fairy and Scorpio Bi Yan were stunned. The former's weirdly gray-purple eyes showed delight, while the latter, his face suddenly became very ugly."That guy took ten?"Feeling the smell of the iron dharma that seems to have disappeared completely, Little Doctor asked in surprise."Well.Medusa nodded slightly, stared at the Scorpion Bi Yan, and said, "It seems you can't get rid of him, need me to do it?"He has been killed by me, and to-day he is doomed to death."Seemingly unwilling to lag behind Medusa, the little medical immortals shook his head directly.

Not far away from the opposite of the little medical immortals, the image of Scorpio Bi Yan is also extremely embarrassed, covered with fresh blood dripping, streaked with blood streaks on its body like a bloody scroll like a picture, the two giant blood-colored tongs, at this moment actually is already a broken blood, blood along the broken constantly dripping down, and then set off his pale ferocious face, looks very some monster-like grimace.

On the side of the stone pool, the district fairy pavilion jade stand, at this moment she had already changed clothes, beautiful eyes to the pool black water, eyes have a helpless color, did not expect Xiao Yan body fire unexpectedly so terrible, light in refining magic poison when the temperature spilling and out of the temperature, is directly this pool precious poison water can be steamed into such a shape.

This degree of renewal is the most perfect and stable update ever made by potatoes.

Palm gently rubbed the map, Xiao Yan's eyes fell on the corner of the vacancy, this map, according to his guess, there should be four, and now in his hands, there are three maps, if the last map is also available words, may be able to get the real location of the pure lotus evil fire! That said, but Duqi Da Liu so vast, want to find the last piece of broken map, its difficulty, not much lower than finding a needle in a haystack, and this kind of thing, obviously and impossible to find publicly, the six strong, unlike the Kama Empire such remote places, ordinary people do not know what it is, so if someone appears in his hands to have pure lotus evil fire clues, I am afraid will cause endless trouble.

When he was idle, he was bored, Xiao Yan three people also looked at those refining pharmacists on the spot refining pills, but not long later, was slightly shaking their eyes back, with his present strength, these levels of refining herbalist's refining techniques, in his view, seems quite simple, there is no point to learn from.

At the command of the leader, the ten or so men in black should drink and hold the sharp sword in their hands. When they moved, they swept away in front of Xiao Yan and other people. The air in this forest suddenly solidified.

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