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Suddenly lost to attack the target, so that the white Cheng facial disorientation, so even skin, he was only able to see a trace of black money flickering past, the heart now had a forest to wonder, the previous Xiao Yan is absolutely no such degree, even because of reasons of the Jin, it is impossible to raise the degree to this ten degrees.

A crack in the corner of the mouth, Xiao Yan can't help but want to give himself an ear, did not expect this crime or himself...

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"Well."Xiao Yan smiled, went to Ziyan's side, touched her head, smiled and said," Very lovely little girl."

Pour the jade liquid in the jade spoon into a high-quality jade bottle prepared for a long time. Look at the liquid that still flows automatically like a living thing in the bottle. Xiao Yan breathed a long sigh of relief and worked so hard for so long that this thing was finally in hand.

In the cave, looking at the sudden whirling liquid medicine in the wooden tray, the drug elder's eyes flashed astonished. With his ability, naturally, he could clearly sense the strong suction from Xiao Yan's body. Now murmured, "Little fellow, do you want to break through the great fighting master?"It's a good opportunity to take advantage of this momentum, but the energy required is enormous. "

"Xiang 'er, Wu * doesn't seem to be an opponent of the day, but this guy is really too impulsive."By the side of the young girl in green, a pretty girl dressed in red is very hot. She looks at the downcast figure in the scene. She smiles bitterly on her slightly pale face and says to the girl in blue next to her.

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Tell you I have a sixth-order magic core, right?"Elder Liu wiped the water marks from his palm and gave Elder Hao a glance. Although the Elder Elder secretly told Xiao Yan to take care of him, he was not the same care method, was he?"The sixth-order magic core is a rare thing in any place. Besides, it's something she fought for her life in those years.There is no easy way to hand over to others.

"Everyone knows what happened at the beginning. It's not as bad as Brother Xiao Yan's. Just don't think you're powerful in this inner court, so you're proud. If you really want to be a red soap

The next day Xiao Yan came out to give Elder Liu all the best pills except the Longlidan he needed. Besides the pills, Xiao Yan gave him a dark receiving ring. In this ring, there is a cluster of bones wrapped by medicine and soul power. If it explodes out to hurt people at the critical moment, this kind of storage can only be used once and will cause great damage to his soul power, so this is the last life-saving symbol outside the sky wing of Thunder Bat.

Mist gradually falling, a black shadow like a ghost-like flash and out, and finally stood upright, beautiful face, covered with a touch of ecstasy.

Although it is not clear what the jade-like viscous liquid is, but the pure energy contained in it, but let Xiao Yan shocked, this pure energy, enough than below bluestone groove in the earth-core quenching body milk more than ten times more rich ah.

Oh, hehe, now you are also in the strong list famous, this competition is really your business, Lin Yan smiled nodded, said: calculation time, a month later, should be the start of the competition, how?Are you thinking about the top ten, too?

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