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Rang sound reverberates the field, and a strange kind of violent energy fluctuation, is also suddenly rippling in the square, for a while, first sensed this wave of fluctuation, is the judges on the elders, the present face is suddenly changed, eyes are almost at the same moment, suddenly turned, finally stayed in the field that holding a heavy ruler, standing upright black robe Qingnian body, the source of the violent energy fluctuation, exactly here!

"If you don't have a heart, that's a big deal."Laughter came from behind the crowd. A man and a woman came out slowly and smiled at Xiao Yu.

And exactly, that Han Feng is such a few extreme guys, in order to strength, can be really unscrupulous means, even even even even the phagemaster this big rebellion, but also do not feel guilty.

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With Fan's experience of rolling and crawling in the chaos of the Black Corner, it is impossible to make such mistakes when fighting with people. Moreover, after he saw Ziyan blow his blood spear with a fist at the first glance, he knew that this seemingly weak little girl had a terrible strange power!


Suddenly, there is a sound of cold drink Fan tuberculosis, the sea of blood suddenly fluctuated, the sword shadow that is about to penetrate the sea of blood, but also in this temple as if meeting a quagmire, the action track is more and more difficult.

His eyes twinkled and Su Qian gave a sharp shriek, and he shouted to all the elders, regardless of the gold and silver and the black corner strong men who watched the tiger.

"Xiao Yan, you can take this move from me. You're the third best. Give it away with both hands!"The shadow of a gunshot wrapped in the golden light came out, pointing to Xiao Yan in the distance, and Liu Qing's very confident and proud voice came out.

The energy of the sudden riot between heaven and earth also made all the strong people in the sky stop their movements in panic. They stared at the area which suddenly became almost a vacuum. The terrible fluctuation of energy overflowing from the collision between the fire lotus and the fire and beast made them frightened. If it fell on their bodies, they were afraid that their bones would really burst on the spot.

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"Give me three minutes!"Xiao Yan glanced at the three Zinyan outside and suddenly said.

This force, even they, felt a kind of fear!

The line of sight flickers everywhere. Lin Xiuya's eye suddenly shrinks. The energy sword is pointed in front of him.

The smile on the face slightly convergent, Han Feng that full of gentle eyes finally gradually become cold "Since the elder do not want to hand, then don't blame Han Feng hand grab ah two" The voice fell, a deep blue flame like water liquid, suddenly rising from his body, a hot hot, slowly released.

Moreover, somehow, when they rely on the "sea fire" to feel the familiar fiery breath, the body tumbling strange fire, unexpectedly is a slight stagnation up, that kind of situation, as if met some kind of extremely fearful things in general.

Facing Fan tuberculosis's sharp attack, Xiao Yan is not backward but forward, feet of the silver light flash, body shape is eerie flash into Fan tuberculosis arms, five fingers suddenly grip, spin out of the fierce.

With the successful solidification of the seal, Su Qian's body in the sky tilted, and suddenly fell down facing the ground. Fortunately, an elder was quick-eyed and caught one of his generals quickly, and then he stabilized his figure.

Is not right Liu Fei that fierce sight, Xuner is not aware, a pair of beautiful eyes just stay in Xiao Yan back, at the moment just a wisp of pale golden warm sunlight, in that elegant delicate beautiful face left gold water glow.The slender eyelashes shimmy slightly under the golden light, hazy as dreamy, the beauty of the moment, even the appearance is not vulgar Liu Fei's heart is can not help but rise a little jealousy.

"What's funny about it?If this guy doesn't wake up, I'm going to eat those bad things again."Ziyan wrinkled her little face, very annoyed.

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