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Xiao Yan!

The others looked at each other, with some cold sweat permeating above their foreheads. They turned their eyes to the other sky, where a black figure was panting for breath, and behind them the wings of the fire became invisible. Obviously, this was due to the weakness of the body.

Su Qian glanced faintly at Han Feng and said, "Don't chew my tongue with me. Come here today, only one thing" "What's the matter?"Disband" the Black League."Su Qian's plain way, today's" black league" is almost the most powerful alliance in the black corner domain, and this alliance also often to Canaan College tiger-eyed, these two years" black league "has become a thorn in Su Qian's heart, if not uprooted words, I'm afraid it will make him sleep and food difficult.

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Looking at that spurt of blood glide out of the tune, the whole scene was quiet, a sound of breath of cool air ring up, many people just saw the offensive will be Liu Qing completely covered, but did not expect that only a few blink of light, that aggressive is a complete annihilation, and talk, is a complete defeat for such an end, many people are confused.

Suffering this blow, a mouthful of blood suddenly spurted out from the mouth of the forest Xiu Cliff, the body faltered, behind that pair of originally vague fighting qi wings, but also began to become vaguely emerging, obviously, Fan tuberculosis this sudden strike, so that he suffered not light injury.

At the critical moment, Lin Xiu Cliff showed his very good fighting experience. His hand print moved, and the energy in front of him fluctuated rapidly. Finally, it condensed into a deep clear energy net.

My body, temporarily healthy, without any damage, five fingers slightly strange slowly clench, one

Chapter 598 Convener's Hand

"Who is your excellency?Please give me your name too!"

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The flame bit was only blocked by the invisible python's scales for a moment, it was a fierce hole through the hole and into, immediately,... Road mournful angry strange sound, such as thunder in the clear sky roar and roar!

Once again, a fierce fist hit on that armour, that has been frequently broken armour finally is thoroughly cracked and open, armour rupture, Ziyan is too late to rejoice, a more surging and rich blood gas is from Fan tuberculosis body surging out of the body, that the momentum of the strong, even directly will ZiYan back a few steps back.

See everyone nodded, Han Feng also know what they think, but did not open his mouth refute, he really is coveted Xiao Yan's strange fire, but, the most let him care, is actually Xiao Yan practice the complete version of "burning" skill!

"Don't lose, quiver."There was a faint laugh from a short distance. Xiao Yan and others looked over their heads. It turned out to be Lin Xiuya and others.

At the words of the old man in the gray robe, all the people in the hall returned to their minds, laughing and responding

"This thing is too expensive," Xiao Yan frowned, but the words have not yet spoken, opposite is a pair of grudge eyes to shoot, make him embarrassed to stop mouth.

Over the years, the imperial concubine has gradually and completely controlled the real power of the Mitel family. Except for Haibodong in front of her, I am afraid that no one in the clan can gain greater prestige and be able to mix with a female generation to such a degree, although there is Haibodong's support, but also its ability, but also the female Yong doubt, these years by her exhibition of intelligence channels, almost throughout the entire Kama Empire, even the Yunlan Zong every move, she can know clearly, such a woman, is not ordinary simple generation, although she is not very proficient in fighting, but who has said, without fighting, can not become a worker?

Looking at a famous pale-faced retired elder, Su Qian's face became more and more ugly. He had been dealing with the falling heart-inflammation all these years, but he did not really see the horror when the falling heart-inflammation completely exploded. Now he saw it with his own eyes and understood that these things are indeed terrible.

His eyes twinkled like a wild beast. A moment later, a grim smile broke from the corners of his mouth. "Little Yan, don't worry," he whispered. "Those guys who hurt you won't let him die. I'll kill them all when I'm still alive!"

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