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Hear the crisp sound. The corners of Ya Fei's mouth curved into a shallow arc. Alluring. Charming. her at the moment. than before. Undoubtedly more beautiful.

"Wow. Good job!"

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Marching guild. Along the way, I quickly shuttled through several huge areas with Faqi. During this period, I saw many pharmacists of Faqi. They all bowed in awe and stepped aside. And followed by Fa Qian. Xiao Yan is also enjoying such a treatment in a pretentious manner.

In just two minutes, Mu Zhan received a solemn warning from two of the three major families. In this situation, not only Mu Zhan himself was a little stunned, but even the people around him were greatly shocked.

Putting his palms on the bed, with a little force, his body bounced out vigorously, and then rolled in the air and lightly landed on the ground. Xiao Yan clapped his hands, looked around, frowned and muttered, "Why haven't you come back yet?"

Xiao Yan smiled slightly, and suddenly saw Otto staring at Hai Bodong's strange eyes behind him, and introduced: "Master Otto, this is my friend, Hai Bodong..."

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"Haha." Jia Lao smiled, but he didn't say anything about the Shocking Wave Dragon Beast in the two mouths.

"Thank you, little brother Yanxiao. I can sense that the poison in the body is gradually decreasing." Nalan Jie wiped the sweat from his forehead. After a battle with a powerhouse of the same level, it was extremely hard. Turning his head, he thanked Xiao Yan, who had a trace of tiredness on his face.

in the sleeves. Cyan flame. under such pressure. It is also more and more joyful tossing. Fiery energy. rushing to gather...

As the girl's seemingly elegant back disappeared from sight, Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and twisted his body slightly, like a loach.

"Last time, I planned to give you the exercises, but because I was in a hurry, I forgot to go." Xiao Yan smiled, when he went to the Snake People. Xiao Yan cut out these two exercises from Yao Lao, but because the schedule was extremely tight, he only had time to remember this now.

"Hehe, Mr. Yanxiao, let's go together..." The little princess threw the medicinal pill in her hand and suddenly smiled at Xiao Yan.

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