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Smell words, Xiao Yan this talent suddenly suddenly, medicinal materials attribute properties are different, outsiders are difficult to distinguish it, but Xiao Yan now refining the level of medicine, at the time of writing these medicinal materials at the beginning, naturally is conditioned reflex like the medicinal herbs of the same property placed together, unexpectedly this old man even carefully -,

Standing outside the "Thousand Medicine Workshop", Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment, then it was directly with a small medical fairy Ziyan two people squeezed into the stream, the body of the male air released a stream of ingenious force, just like separating the water fork like the river, inert silent will block people soft force push off and open, then three people, is so swaying in this" thousand medicine workshop "in.

"If you hadn't made him consume too much, I wouldn't have overpowered him so easily."Under Xiao Yan's gaze, Medusa was a little off-the-cuff, casual way.

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The heavy footstep, the sound gradually approached, a moment later, a red-faced old man dressed in a pale yellow gown, appeared under everyone's gaze.

Dust from the floor, sudden changes make people are stunned, that Wu Hao is slow to open his eyes, a stunned look in front of the big black ruler.His eyes stared dazily at the giant black ruler, which was a little familiar to the eyes. In an instant, it seemed to think of something, and suddenly his face sprang up with the excitement of ecstasy."Xiao Yan?It's you!"

I heard this obscene laugh, a bloody fight, suddenly came out of Wu Hao's body. He looked ferociously at the voice of the powerful fighter and the murderous Taoist, "The Bastards of Evil Valley, sooner or later, I will let you become the souls of the dead under my sword." Ha ha, boy, you'd better go out alive and talk about it.

"It seems that Xiao Yi Xian, the leader of Poison Sect, is not so loose..."

"Although you can help me a lot, but once you leave, Yanmeng and Snake Clan will have no safety guarantee. Therefore, this time, I can only ask you to help me guard Yan Pirates and Xiao Family."Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment and said that the people in the Hall of Soul did not seem to be dead to the Xiao Family. If they were all gone, once there were people from the Hall of Soul going to the Kama Empire, without the guard of the strong Dou Clan, I'm afraid the Xiao Family would be in danger.

"This old man is not a broad-minded man either. If you don't have anything important in Black King City, you'd better leave."

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Xiao Yan was stunned, then a soft smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. She stepped forward slowly, hesitated a little, stretched out his arms and gently hugged Medusa.

Bend a gentry, directly on the head of the centipede, will shake fainting past, black shadow light glance glances, then a finger suddenly a force, directly this centipede body crush, and with the flow of the green blood, a small roll of paper was rolled into a small tube, but also quietly out.

"The cleaning up has indeed cleaned up a lot, but this faction called "Wan Scorpion Sect" is an exception. Within its sect, there is an old guy who was very famous in the Izumo Empire many years ago. Although he rarely reappears now, Qu is still alive. The last time I was going to clear the "Wan Scorpion Gate", it was the old guy who was in retreat. I played against him once, and it was really troublesome." The little doctor said helplessly.

A soft long wind automatic, Medusa body flash, is directly in the face of the poisonous Scorpio Bi Yan side, fizz hands directly grasp its throat, the voice of cold as if from the nine general.

Under this extremely hot gas, the yin-cold poison gas contained in the poison gas of Scorpion Mountain has no room to move. This makes him extremely depressed. This kind of battle is really too suffocating eleven-eleven.

"What do you mean by this statement?"Xiao Yan was stunned and asked him quickly.

Looking at the beautiful face with smile, Wu Hao wiped a cold sweat, then muttered in his heart, why each time I met, with this guy next to the woman, are so strong, and means."It's so cruel, too?

Xiao Yan with a word will be a sneak attack on him to a strong man to vomit blood retreat, two shadows suddenly flash in front of his body, is the centigrade cliff and another previously mutineous elder.

"Don't do it!

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