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"I can only fight." With a low sigh, Xiao Yan suddenly took a deep breath of the air with a little Danxiang, his right hand quickly took out a lilac pill from the Na ring, and stuffed it into his mouth, slightly While chewing, at the same time, the soul power that manipulated the cyan flame suddenly retracted, and as the soul power retracted, the originally turbulent cyan flame, also with a "pop" sound, quietly became smaller, and just in the cyan flame At the moment when the flame was about to disappear, Xiao Yan opened his mouth, and a group of purple flames flew out, and finally poured into the medicine cauldron.

"Haha. Come with me." He smiled. Fa Zhan moves. At the center of the city, the Alchemist Guild swept away and followed. Xiao Yan hesitated for a while. followed closely.

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"Haha. We are all old. Why bother with those headaches. When you have time to drink tea and go around. How pleasant." Wen Yan. The old man's face was much softer. laughed.

Shaking his head, Xiao Yan flicked his fingers on the ring, and a dark red medicine cauldron appeared on the table. He picked up a black iron spirit leaf, squeezed it in his hand, and frowned slightly. Worried about whether to use Qinglian Earth Heart Fire...

At this time, some pharmacists have already started to throw the medicinal pills in their hands. Not long after the medicinal pills were put into the testing machine, the empty square suddenly became colorful, with strong or weak green and red rays of light. Interweaving and flickering, they imprint each other with joy and gloom...

"Hmph, the shit conference, when I win the championship this time, I'll see if the alchemy guild of the Jiama Empire will be discredited. If a guild loses the trust of the pharmacists, it should be over!" He twisted his neck. , the gray-robed youth suddenly sneered.

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After he finished speaking, the icy wings that extended behind Hai Bodong flicked slightly, and in the dull eyes of everyone, he quickly lifted into the sky, and stopped only after he could only see a small black spot. The explosion of Xiao Yanfo's anger lotus, the former Ice Emperor really had some fear in his heart, otherwise, he would not have chosen to avoid directly in front of so many people. \/*/\

Something whispered in the ear.

the next day. When the sky was just a little bright. this bustling city. ★Updated quickly, novels are complete★It started like a huge machine with an open bar. There is - orderly operation up. And those people who shuttled through the streets of the city. It's for this massive machine. Into the power.

"It's really serious..." Xiao Yan said in a low voice, glancing at the old man's face where he almost stepped into the grave.

Walking forward with a smile, Jia Lao looked at Hai Bodong and Fa Yan, and said with a big laugh, "I didn't expect the three of us to have the opportunity to get together. It's really fate."

"Strong people. People who want to improve the refining purity as much as possible, and people who are a little weaker, are worried about how to extract the materials within the specified time, so in a short time. Naturally, no one came out. ." Chemier smiled faintly.

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