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why wont someones location show on find my friends

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But although Xiao Yan et al idea is good, but after half an hour of search, but did not show any trace like the hidden treasure, that kind of appearance, it seems that magic valley has never had these things in general.

Looking at that in the hands and feet will be these poison gas uniform of the small doctor fairy, Su Thousand is also uncontrollably amazed of the TSK TSK, the eyes on the former body swept sweep, immediately eyes swept a shock, lost voice: "you promotion?"

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Han Feng laughter just fell, the square around the wall, suddenly burst bursts of black fog, black fog curl and open, immediately dozens of body enveloped in the black fog of the figure, appeared in the people under the gaze.

The venerable heavenly fire nodded his head with satisfaction and slowly said, "If you have any questions during the practice of" five rounds of fire ", you can ask me. Since you have helped the old man, he will not be mean to you."

"Well, the hong family always day beicheng, they'll go to Korea home I always repeat not pleasing to the eye, in the past because power, about pour a nothing important also, but the recent cici from fenglei north pavilion, it is said that the disciple, he has become the north pavilion cabinet that position than ever before, is very different, and whereby hong family reputation is also greatly higher still, such as beicheng many neutral force within today, That's why I voted for the Hong family." Han Chi sighed and said. "North Pavilion of Wind and Thunder? Is it not a storm and thunder lot?" Smell speech, Xiao Yan some doubts of low voice to Han Xue asked.

Chapter 869 The Summoning

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As soon as the chain broke away from their hands, Xiao Yan sneered and grasped it, and the ten flaming hands suddenly turned into a raging fire, wrapping the chain all around. For a time, the dark chain turned into a straight chain of flames.

This month, with the so-called "pearl" fire, ZSZSZSZ progress very fast, eating up refining by about 50 pieces, is clearly felt, that after the last qualifying and containers has been expanded body, once again, there was a feeling expansion, and this phenomenon is also told ZSZSZSZ, now, he is already in the five stars emperor peak level, As long as there is an opportunity, it is easy to break through to the six star emperor! Reached this point, ZSZSZSZ also know, continue to practice is not the best way, although the matter of the science of uniting the cannot be relaxed, but also need to know, especially blindly paranoid crazy practice, but the fall under the road, so, when you have now in the five stars emperor peak, ZSZSZSZ has stopped the day and night, And a switch to that just a little into the body and feet to "* *" of time, is also in slowly through the ZSZSZSZ feet in the science of uniting the method, in the rest of the time, ZSZSZSZ odds for cultivation, was put to one side, more mind, is devoted to fighting skill cultivation, and in so doing, is to make his body and feet to "* *" the more skilled, The foot law of the first heavy "crack fire", display is also to smooth and strong cross a lot of... So focused on one thing, that kind of effect does far distracted by a few, after this period of time of practice and hard ZSZSZSZ for perception of the body and feet to "* *" is deepened gradually, each time display, can also be built in general cloth impenetrable 'network, the magma, is can freely in and out, and not getting half drops slurry, such as the defence like iron drum, Had gradually acquired a touch of that scroll in the spirit of the imprint of the little demeanor.

Looked at the trembling said han feng, looking away ZSZSZSZ pale face and emerge with a mocking smile, and then recover the mind, eyes note on the colors in front of the fire lotus, although im "fire" is not a real fire, but also is very good, and fusion between the flame, while the fusion is between changes, produce a kind of very terror of turbulent energy, This kind of birth, just need some catalyst, and "chemical fire", is the best substitute at the moment.

Zhu gan is sure that the huge soul power, even some of the six products refining pharmacist are absolutely not have, but in front of this look but about 20 young people a is, is he also a refining pharmacist? And the grade, "definitely higher than him! "What's the matter, Mr. Zhu?" All dry suddenly startled, but also to the side of the Han Chi and others a leng, hurried way.

"Strong poison..." Slowly withdraw the finger, thousands of old people are a little moved, their fighting crystal, actually just make the magic spots dilute so a little, not the kui is the need for a dou Zong life fighting to form a strange thing ah.

"Shut up! What nonsense?"

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