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the most famous chocolate factory in the world

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Xiao Yan's appearance, also attracted the attention of the swallow sky python and snow demon sky ape, the former is quite excited to spit snake letter Xiaoyan, while the latter, but quite some uneasiness out an angry roar.

"Those guys were scared to death of me.How dare you bully me?Like you, I can eat you in one mouthful."The little girl's cheek was filled with a smile of pride.

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Six gold stripes, in refining medicine circle, only six refining pharmacists, only qualified to wear, and this seems to be only about thirty men, unexpectedly is able to carry body, such strength, in the black corner area, there is only one person.

His eyes twinkled slightly. The elder nodded slowly. "Han Feng is a herbalist. The attraction of fire is unparalleled. He guessed that there was a strange fire in the inner court. But he couldn't be sure, so he didn't dare to move too much. After all, I can't provoke anyone in Canaan College."

With a mouthful of spitting, Lin Yan saw that Ziyan had nothing special to do. She was relieved a little bit, bypassing the big table in the hall, came carefully to Xiao Yan behind several people and whispered: "Damn, why is this guy here with you?"Are you all right?"

"Green lotus fruit" medicine old again pale mouth, Xiao Yan hurried from the wooden shelf to this fruit medicine found out.

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Rub hard face, the corner of the mouth of the self-mockery erase, Xiao Yan flying body suddenly stopped, originally not far ahead has reached the end of the valley, with the help of the fire, he actually saw the end of a dark cave.

Almost all of the top 50 people in the inner house are at the top of the list.The battle between them, naturally, is extremely eye-catching, so, although this kind of competition contestants only top the top of the list of students are qualified, but this does not hinder the inner house colleges to its attention and expectations.

Xiao Yan's face gripped. Old Yao shook his head helplessly. "There's nothing I can do. The Canaan College is very prestigious in the Sixth Fight," he said. "Generally speaking, even some first-class forces won't offend them too much. Don't say that I'm just a state of soul. Even in my prime, I wanted to rob Canaan College.That would have to be carefully weighed."

Xiao Yan's words, this is at will and asked, but after its words, Lin Yan in front of him, palm really in vain a stiff, on his face, faintly flashed a touch of fear of color, opened his mouth, unexpectedly did not spit out that all the old people in the inner courtyard heart fear tiger name...

"Brother Xiao Yan, don't get excited!"Xiao Yan's shadow flashed quickly beside him, holding Xiao Yan's arm tightly, and a faint golden light appeared. Under this golden light, Xiao Yan's momentum was out of control, which gradually became gentle.

"Hey hey, Ziyan, shall we make a deal?"Xiao Yan's eyes turned round, and suddenly there was a smile on her face, smiling at Ziyan.

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