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The two women looked away from the medicine cauldron, and in the end, as if they had a good heart, they cast their eyes on the young man who put all his mind in the medicine cauldron.

heard. Hai Bo Dong was slightly taken aback. He quickly pulled himself back from the ecstasy. Licking his lips. Eyeballs rolled. A slight embarrassment appeared on his face. Said: "This. Little brother..."

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He took a few breaths with lingering fears. Xiao Yan looked at the mysterious black-robed man in front of him. With a little respect. Said: "Thank you senior for helping me out!"

in the meridians. The purple fire fighting qi is constantly being burned into nothingness, and the cyclone is also transporting the fighting qi as if it is lifeless. The amount you burn is how much it delivers. Even though it was put together like this, the battle qi stored in the cyclone was decreasing at a rate that was visible to the naked eye, but Qinglian's heart fire was also successfully sent to run in the Fen Jue Cultivation Technique route.

Sixth Grade Dou Lingdan. This is an elixir that can make Douwang strong people jealous, and this elixir is effective. Simple, yet eye-catching. Because of its effect, it can make the Douwang-level powerhouse who takes it rise to a star level!

"This... I don't know. The surrounding terrain is no different from other places, and I can't feel any changes." Yao Lao slowly lowered his body and said helplessly.

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"Now all the large and small tribes of the snake people have entered the period of martial law. And according to the news I have received. The leaders of the eight tribes. I have received the order of Her Majesty the Queen. Start to rush to the temple in the center of the desert. The fastest. It must be able to arrive at night. The slowest. Maybe a day later." When speaking of Her Majesty. On the face of the leading snake man. Has a devotion like a madman.

That is to say, if a 2-star Dou King takes the Dou Lingdan, then he can become a 3-star Dou King in just a few days! You must know that at the level of Douwang, the gap between each star is extremely huge. Many Douwang strong people still stop at a certain star after years of hard training. This kind of thing is not uncommon. This shows how precious the Dou Ling Dan is!

At the waist of the eight-winged black snake emperor's huge body. Xiao Yan's figure suddenly flashed out, covering the fist of Sen Bai's flame. He clenched it suddenly, mixed with a vicious wind. Like a thunderbolt, it slammed down hard. At this moment, the wide black sleeve robe seemed to have become as hard as steel.

Controlling the flow of fire attribute energy through several meridians, after refining, fire attribute energy is poured into the purple cyclone in the lower abdomen.

With a gratified smile, Xiao Yan slowly walked to the side of the bed, looking at the swallowing python on the quilt, a burst of laughter came out of his mouth. \

"Pfft!" Seeing that the attack was blocked, the two snake men suddenly opened their mouths almost at the same time, and two foul-smelling blue gas swiftly jetted towards Xiao Yan.

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