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Feeling the quiver of the balloon in his hand, Su Qian's eyes flitted with a chill, whispering, and suddenly resounding like thunder in the whole inner court, "Come back to me, son of a bitch!"

"Damn it, watching the attack that had become much weaker, the Queen of Medu recommended the Queen to be astonished and immediately responded, for the soul had just been fused, and she could not now use half of her former strength, so she was now the weakest moment for her!"

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The sharp edge of iron rope stays at a position one inch long from Xiao Yan's forehead. The cold light seeps out of it, so that the latter is covered with tiny goose bumps all over his body. He can think that if it is intercepted and breathed at night, I am afraid his head will have to be like the watermelon falling on the ground, knocking into countless petals.

He was stunned for a moment, Xiao Yan suddenly an exhilarating spirit, instantly look back to God, a sweep of his eyes, but it is startled now, at this time, is in the vast magma, and this location, is obviously in the deep magma, because that no matter is up and down or left and right, eight eyes, are red magma.

"The energy in the tower, indeed, has become a lot of rage, but it was not clear before, but after the heart, it seems that this feeling becomes clearer and clearer."Lin Xiu Cliff in front of her suddenly turned his head and frowned.

Behind Liu Qing, is that and Xiao Yan had a festival Liu Fei and Yao Sheng, at this time of the two people, is also obviously Xiao Yan and other people, now, resentment and cold eyes, at the same time cast a bet over.

The blood snake shot suddenly and felt the ferocious cold energy contained in the former body. Ziyan's face spread slowly with her little fist. Five fingers were directed at the blood snake, "broken!""

A burning hot air, deeply sucked into the lungs, the heavy black ruler was raised high above the head of Xiao Yan, at this time, the black color on it, but become extremely red, like a handle of flame like a ruler.

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Chapter 580 Confrontation

"To beat me is to beat me, but I'd like to see if you can compete with your close combat."

Smell words, side Yan Hao, Han Yue several people are slightly nodded, then a little worried look at the scene of the instant explosion collision.

Hate bitten his teeth, Xiao Yan's eyes are caught on Han Feng's finger Shao Mei deep blue

Chapter 614 Reappearance of the Hall of Soul

Xiao Yan voice had just fallen, that Su Qian immediately had an action, I saw its shape flash, is like a ghost appeared in the falling heart around the body ten meters, but he was too late to have action, a mass of fiery invisible flame is directed at his face door shot away, so that he hurried to escape.

"Well, Xiao Yan, why don't I go and beat Liu Qing for you?That way you'll be able to advance directly."Ziyan's purple horse-tailed toad threw his fist at Xiao Yan and said.

After the blue flame giant gun, there are nearly dozens of extremely powerful different kinds of energy training, these attacks, are all the black corner region strong people put their efforts, in Han Feng that heavy profits, they are also full of strength.

Light, a chaotic consciousness, like sleepwalking general, slowly wandering in it, no starting point,

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