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Heavenly fire zouren hands playing falling heart inflammation, a moment later, slightly some of the memory of the sigh, a bullet, falling heart inflammation is into the fire snake to Xiao Yan.

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And for two fuzzy shadows unstable part of the body, the original two people are already maxed out fierce war su qian and her two people, two people at the moment, after the previous shopping, garment unlined upper garment is both a rupture, head also go down, looked very distressed, but if careful observation, is now, su qian breath, to be more weak, obviously, In such a fierce battle with Han Feng, he is some fall into the underdog...

Im watching this group called "fire" drab flame ZSZSZSZ is some hesitation, he is naturally know, at the moment is the refining of will, will mushroom will make yourself strength and advanced some again, but as a result, he lost a life-saving is card, and he was soon after leaving for the mainland of clustered on the top of the strong, zhongzhou, In that kind of dangerous place, if you don't have a strong enough survival mechanism, it's quite a problem..." So is it refining now? Or save it for later? For a time, Xiao Yan could not help but have some hesitation.

"Xiao Yan, did not expect you actually have the courage to send yourself to come, return true when present you are worthless?" Han Feng slowly stood up from the chair, sneer, say words, he secretly to the side of a strong magic valley made a wink, make its quick call magic valley guard came.

"Day demon kui?"

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After all, they don't have the skills to cripple a seven star douzong."

The dark cheers came from the hoarse mouth of the old devil, and with the falling of the cheers, the dark cold air was rapidly expanded, and in a short blink of an eye, it was transformed into a large black cold cloud of more than ten feet, and the shape of the old devil was completely covered and entered.

"Ha ha, blunt you this sound eldest brother, this all the way I also can protect you, however Xiao Yan boy, you this body board not line, later more practice practice, in central state, have no point strength to where will be looked down upon oh," Xiao Yan's eldest brother, it seems to make the ghost head is very happy, and then looked at xiao Yan's body, frown way, the words are very have to show the younger generation of taste, this is to make Xiao Yan some smile.

As if invisible soul force is struggling desperately in the hand of Xiao Yan, but escape from beginning to end however of that palm mangle, struggle, faint spread angry and vicious roar.

Not only han Tian face shocked, all the people in the hall, even that Han Chi, at the moment is also a face of the day staring mouth stay, as a half foot into the dou Zong's strong, he is more sensitive to the force of space, before that moment, he is sure that Xiao Yan is really to display the dou Zong's strong just can do space distortion.

In the midst of this delay, more wind broke out, and presently a dozen figures appeared on the houses on either side of the street, bowing respectfully to the old man in the blue robe, and contemplating the scene. Knowing what had happened, the next person shouted coldly, "You have the courage to attack my family in tianya city!"

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