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As this drops of blood fall into, this piece of heaven and earth seems to walk appeared a moment of silence, immediately, Xiao Yan is stunned to detect, that by the blue red blood in the diffuse and out of the intrepate pressure, is like remnants of snow met boiling water general, urgent dissipation." .

"Han Eldest brother, how far is it from here to tianbei City?" Xiao Yan slightly suddenly, he is still wondering why know han Xue and others to approach the snake gorge, the Han unexpectedly did not send strong to meet, now listen to, the original is their route has changed, nodded, he hesitated, suddenly asked. "About six days, if everything goes well." Han Chong pondered for a while and said

See Xiao Yan and back, Su Qian three people also understand that the mask is not imagined as easy to crack, the moment is down.

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Countless shrill shrill cries reverberated in the valley, dense souls shuttled in the black fog, just like hidden in the darkness of the evil ghost general, red eyes, in the dark environment, appears particularly grim. "Be careful, these are the souls they've manipulated!" Xiao Ying looked at those souls circling in the sky and shouted.

"But if he does succeed, I fear he will be the strongest student since Canaan College was founded. Xiao Yu smiled slightly, beautiful eyes with xu some of the wave, staring at the thin figure, it is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the family was crowned in the waste of the name of the youth now, sitting in Canaan college the most glorious place.

Looking at that appeared in front of not far from The Han Feng, Su Qian face emerges a sneer, way of work "Han Feng, such as dean adult back, I will this matter and he good health about, when the time comes, I see who can protect you!" court

Han Yue yi zheng, slightly looked up, the United States eyes seriously looked at weft snow that piece of cold yan in a charming qiao Mei cheek, there, it seems faint between the existence of a worry. Sister, what are you looking at?" Be han Yue so stare at, Han Xue can not help Chen way. Cher, you. "You are not like xiao Yan?" Han Yue hesitated for a moment and suddenly said. Smell speech, Han Xue qiao face immediately gushed up a red, delicate and shy way: "elder sister, you nonsense what ah, I just know with him not long time."

In Korea, see ZSZSZSZ that helpless look, to bite the silver fangs, promptly LianBu move on, close to the former, with only two people hear the voice of the way work "ZSZSZSZ, this time's family are important to me, I hope you can see some of the past friendship, help on hand, such a big deal, you secretly will I found a geocentric quenching body lotion take things, I don't care about is."

Compared to the people's horror, the face of the luo family is the fierce change, because he clearly felt, the strength of this woman, not weaker than him, even, in its breath, through a strange Yin cold force, if the words, even if he is, are not this too high victory rate.

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The venerable fire of heaven put his hand, perhaps because of the previous display of the force of space, now his soul has become illusory many, seeing this, he is also a face of wry smile, and then sigh, shape movement, into the white na ring into light.

If you old bastard wants us dead, even if it means dying, you'll be the last one!

The face, unchanged, Xiao Yan's right foot gently ground, tiptoe is close to the floor, quick oblique slide out, the danger will attack from behind an attack to escape.

"Teacher, after you are rescued, disciples will personally help you to find a stronger and larger body.

"I can't promise you anything, but I'll do my best. "" sighed, perhaps because of the heart of the original secretly will han Yue hard to find the earth quench body milk is taken and have a trace of apology for the sake of xiao Yan in meditation after a moment, slowly nodded, way.

"Is this the space wormhole? It's a big deal..." Dark and empty, just like

Raised his head, looked at the sky far away on that thin figure, Xiao Li eyes is also a gentle and proud smile, these years, he almost saw xiao Yan's step by step growth.

The centurion nodded slightly, silently sat down on the chair on the side, and then closed double

In this dead eternal ancient magma world, time is like the sand between the fingers, slipping silently, a little time, it is difficult to make the endless magma has half a silk movement, time, here seems to become insignificant..." A month passed in the blink of an eye.

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