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"Cough. Teacher... Don't forget to add the ingredients..." He looked at the gradually smoothed out shape of the medicine pill. Xiao Yan coughed dryly. Hastily reminded. knowledge. He gave Xiao Yan a blank look. Yao Lao nodded slightly. He flipped his left hand. A forest-white flame suddenly appeared. Then it began to compress. After a while, the group of forest-white flames the size of a human head turned out to be less than the size of a thumb. .

Root of the arm. No blood flowed out. A charred trace. Obviously. At the moment when the palm of the man in black robe crossed. The fiery temperature contained on it. Those blood vessels have been removed. Completely burnt.

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"Her Majesty didn't show up? How is this possible? This is not the way she used to do things." Mobas frowned. Somewhat suspiciously: "I'll try it."

"Ah..." At the door, the green scales who had just returned from pouring water, seeing the mess in the house, could not help but exclaimed softly, then hurried over, squatted down and picked up the clothes on the ground.

The body trembled slightly, and a pair of huge wings slowly formed behind Yue Mei, and after an instant, it solidified into a pair of light blue energy wings.

Perhaps because of this sudden destruction, this huge fortress has fallen into a panic, and it is with the help of this panic. Xiao Yan was also lucky enough to pass through the fortified defense, swept in from a high altitude, and finally shot at another direction of the fortress with all his might.

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Aware of the killing intent in Queen Medusa's words, Xiao Yan shrugged and said innocently, "I didn't keep you as a pet, it's just that it likes to follow me."

"These goddamn humans. How dare you so arrogantly break into the depths of the desert. If you catch them, you must let them taste the pain of the ten thousand snakes!" Against the scorching sun. A snake man who looks like a leader. Wiped off a sweat. Cursed.

With a smile, Frank turned his head and glanced across the hall. Finally, he paused slightly, looked at the boy who didn't know when he came in, glanced at the armband on his arm, and said in surprise, "Little guy. You are also here to assess the alchemist field?"

Under the awe-inspiring gaze of the soldiers guarding the city, Xiao Yan stepped out of the city and looked at the endless golden desert that appeared within sight, making up his mind!

"Different fire... No wonder so many people desperately want to get it, this kind of power... tsk tsk, it's really tempting." Shaking his head with a sigh, Xiao Yan had to admit that after seeing the After the power of the different fire, the expectation in his heart to get it has now become more intense.

These people are obviously quite young. For one person, wearing a tight red dress, with a plump figure, it should be convex and concave, but it is quite attractive. Under the woman's lower body, a leather skirt that reaches her thighs, and her slender, snow-white long legs, ** Naked exposed in the air, in the hall, there are many men's eyes, occasionally swept over these beautiful legs, eyes are passing a touch of covetousness.

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