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foreigners in thailand jails

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And the days in the valley, is so day after day, there is no ripples passing by, any noise outside, is difficult to reach here, so, it is given Xiao Yanyu Ziyan the most tranquil Jin environment.

Looking back after the shock of the two of them, still keep pace, straight towards the courtyard door of Xiao Yan, the eyes of Montenegro fierce flash-past, whirling suddenly drink, strong fighting suddenly from the body and suddenly out of the body, strong momentum is also out of the air, so that surrounded by the strong snake people back hastily.

Mind twinkling, Xiao Yan reaction is not slow, a low drink, green flames like volcanic explosion from the body rushed out, in a flash is solidified into a green fire armour on the body.

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"That's very good. Maybe it's because you scared the gold and silver in the first place. Now there are very few people in the Black Corner Region to make friends with us. Some big shops with money have settled down in the city one after another. Now, in Maple City, I'm afraid we can rank among the top three in the Black Corner. Think about the profit. After a few months, even the servant regiment we worked for two years can't compare.""He shook his head with some amazement.

Looking closely at this volume of prescription, Xiao Yan's face is a little chilly. Though the "Yan League" is spreading fast, it really has to be compared with those of Poison Sect and Golden Wild Goose Sect. It is still weaker than those of Poison Sect and Golden Wild Goose Sect. This is not only shown in the top strong J1, more grid, but also the core strength of the backbone.

The earth-shaking sound of terror explosion, suddenly rise, this moment a terrible frenzy of energy, like a storm sweep across the sky!

In addition, however, Medusa's departure did not bring much waves in the valley. The caves piled up by rubble were still unresponsive, and the huge cocoon in the valley was also no sign of breaking the cocoon, but although it still seems to be the same as before, if a person with strong perception here is able to present, two extremely strong breath, is quietly Zhi, waiting for the moment of earth-breaking rebirth...

Xiao Yan sits on a piece of bluestone, which obviously contains some jade. Sitting on the bottom shows a little coolness. It has certain benefits for refreshing people.

And as a result of the war with the three empires, the reputation of the Kama Empire and the Yantian League began to spread across the northwest, and with the new policies of some empires, there were more and more people from other empires, who were also curious to rush to this once somewhat closed empire. For a while, the prosperity of the Kama Empire was a long way from previous years.

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"Xiao Yan, be careful. The ancient river has entered the rank of the emperor, and he is in charge of a particularly powerful flame. Although it is not a strange fire, its power cannot be underestimated.""cried the mammoth.

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Looking at Xiaoyan that stay in the tiger head elder's throat claw, Muran Valley two elders are also afraid to have a bit of movement, the former, as long as a spat, that elder Lima is killed on the spot, throwing a mouse under the device, the two can only shout loudly.

For Haibodong's sigh, Xiao Yan smiled, but did not say anything, according to the original situation, because of his underground strength skyrocketing, resulting in his want to further from the peak of the king of the fight difficulty is also greatly increased, so after coming out from the ground, no matter how he cultivates, but the internal strength is still stagnating, in addition to the control of internal combat control more skilled rape, no movement, according to his expectations, not a two-year time is really difficult to enter the emperor level.

Sunk for a moment, Xiao Yan shoulder slightly trembling, emerald fire wings emerged behind him, spinning gently shake, is facing the direction of the capital of the emperor swept away, in the three days, Xiao Yan's wounds unexpectedly completely recovered, and several times of fighting qi in the meridian flow between, are so that he faintly feel the Duhuang step other barrier, but this, but just feel, the breakthrough, and did not appear.

Looking at the chilly Xiao Yan passing through her eyes, Medusa nodded her head and said casually: "Don't worry, I will protect the dharma for you while I'm looking after Ziyan."

Move down the eyes, stay in Yun Yun that sad white pitiful cheek, in that moment, Xiao Yan eye has a moment of softness.

Xiao Yan's heart sank a little when he felt a lot of fierce fighting skills gathered around him. When he was preparing to use the Buddha's rage lotus to kill these bastards again, a flash of light suddenly swept away from the distant sky. Several flashes suddenly burst into this chaotic sky, which was a wonderful and delicate twist. Xiao Yan appeared directly in front of Xiao Yan. With a flinching hand, those who raided from all over the place would be scattered in the air.

And this cheek, apart from the xiaoyan to think of the night, who else can be.

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