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The claw of force goes.

"Congealed!"Drink lightly, and the liquid solidifies rapidly.In the blink of an eye, it turns into dozens of golden pills, rolling on the green fire.

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His face pale pale, Bai Cheng some difficult lower head, looking at the chest at the blood mark, before he very clear sense, general very subtle secret force, secretly burst out in the body, this thread of secret force of violence, thoroughly let him into serious injury trend!

Having heard this from Elder Hao, Xiao Yan sighed with disappointment and smiled bitterly. "Since you don't have anything to say, forget it."


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After looking at it, Xiao Yan took the root herb in Ziyan's hand and looked up and down. He sighed. He knew this thing. It was a rare herb named "Huoling Root". The rich fire energy contained in it could not help him.

"It fluctuates in the Canaan College, and it's not easy to find out, though not afraid of them, but there's not much trouble for those old men to find out."Shaking his head, the green-shirt man slowly turned around. At the chest, there was an antique medicine tripod badge. On top of the medicine tripod, six strange ripples of gold glittering slightly fluctuated, causing pain in his eyes.

In this kind of frenzy, As the "strong list" 34th XiaoYan, Obviously also can not be alone, And perhaps because he defeated Bai Cheng to take pill reason, So he received the challenge letter, Almost than any one of the strong list are several times, Obviously, These people, Is to step on Xiao Yan's head, Will his qualification to take away.

"Ho ho, just ask yourself. Master Lin Yan doesn't have to go to heart.(,) Silent atmosphere for a while, Xiao Yan smiled and gently put down the teacup in his hand and smiled and said.

Xiao Yan Bai Ran will not pay attention to the shock of the heart of Bacheng, the hands of heavy ruler with extremely oppressive crackling sound, root very against the cutting and cutting down, originally extremely heavy ruler in the hand, but dance than the white Cheng hands of Changwu is sarcastic wisdom, and in its strong column of industrious sweep, even the beginning of Bai Cheng because the village did not and appear a little busy.

"I don't care if I take advantage of a man's danger."Liu Qing said softly:" Now that he defeated Bai Cheng now, but also entered the "strong list", then one month later the competition must also be

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